Confidence adult diapers

Confidence adult diapersA new sort of Adult diaper from Indonesia and they look like some nice diapers to. Wounder if it is like the picture shows that the diaper only have one tape? That is something i need to ask them about. And one other problem is that the dont seems to have any information on there website where you could order the diapers? Maybe they going to post info about that lather?

You can find other information about the product that the have on this site:

Wounder if the diaper have plastic cover or if it is a breathable diaper? I have not find any information about that on there website.

Abena Abri-Form original x-plus – Video

This video is created by: diaperman89 and it is he that you see and hears describe the ABENA ABRI FORM ORIGINAL BRIEFS X PLUS.

This is an amazing diaper that rely feels special and nice to wear even when the diaper gets wet. So i am not surprise that many AB/DL people out there like to wear and use this brand. I only hope that Abena not going to stop making this diaper.  I have heard some rumors about this before but i dont know how it is now. I have not heard any new information recently about this subject. But i hope this product is going to be availably on the market for a very long time.

We need a good small incontinent brief!

Today I would like to persuade you to help the many individuals that are being forced to use mediocre products for their medical conditions. I would also like to help the many parents that have few diaper options for kids that outgrow children’s’ diapers, as well as help teenage bed wetters. Even though there are a lot of incontinence products on the market, there are few that offer a size small. This has left many parents and individuals, who fit in this size range, desperate for a well-made small diaper. Although they do find a size small, many of them are terrible for the wearer. There are a decent amount of individuals in society that do not have an efficient product they can go to, to help with these issues. Children that have outgrown baby diapers, teenagers with bed wetting issues, and small adults do not have a product they can look to for incontinent situations and bed time accidents. Now I ask you “Why should parents and adults be forced to pay for a product that well-made”?  We need to show companies that the there is a selection of individuals were incontinent products are not being sold for. These individuals have every right to well-made products as any other person.

Thank You.

You can sign here.

  • Target: Major Incontinence Corporations
  • Sponsored by: Brandon H.

Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Review

This Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Diaper Review is written by: Xanthia on ADISC. Many thanks to this user that give me the permission to post this.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20
Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20

The appearance of these are not something to be bragged about. They’re plain white with an ‘M’ pattern on it (assumably so you know which size they are!) and rectangular stripe down the middle.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi1

As advertised the sizes is pretty spot on. Unfortunately I can’t really compare it to other brands that you’re familiar with. Long as you know what waist/hips you are, you got no problems getting into these.

They have a yellow wetness indicator which turns blue so you know when abouts you’re a due a change. Although I don’t use it, some people like this feature. There is also some elastication on the front of these, allowing good movement without them feeling like they’re gonna fall off in one position to another.

The tapes are pretty standard with nothing particularly impressive. The material is pretty soft and not too plasticy. I think it’s considered more cloth like? If these were to be worn out I would suggest plastic pants as you can feel as if you’re clothes are wet when they’re not.

As well as the usual leak guard, it is elasticated around your thigh for a sure fitting. I’ve yet to have a leak in these! So going onto fitting…

Performance and Fit

I think these fit really well. They’re comfortable, and have no complaints in that aspect. I have found they can hold 3 good wettings if not a few trickles while sat down with no leaks.

As I only wear at home, only take this as a guidance. The noise of these are next to nothing. I can walk to and from my kitchen without hearing too much of a crackle, snap or pop!

The tapes stick well and don’t move, rip or unstick. I also found that if I had done it up too loose I could easily re-stick it tighter and it would still hold perfectly fine. They stayed on my waist very well even when full.

I don’t find these particularly discreet while on though. They bulge a lot on the front, and being a women this isn’t necessarily a good thing! This is probably my only complaint so far.

Price and Final Thoughts

These were bought from Amazon in the UK from a seller called DryLife. They cost me £13.75 for 20 which I consider a reasonable price compared to some and the overall performance. They were AB/DL friendly in regards of packaging and shipping completely discreetly, even if the package is quite big!

Overall I really like these, and the only real comparison I can give is I think they’re better than Tender All-In-One Adult Diapers. So if you’re in the UK, I would give these a try

You can find lot more pitcher on Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi on this forum post:

Night Proofs Incontinence Briefs

Night Proofs™ Incontinence Briefs

The text and the pitcher have i get from there website.

All night, uninterrupted sleep: It’s no longer just a dream whit Night Proofs!

It’s a problem no one likes to talk about, but over 25 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. For those people, the problem is embarrassing, uncomfortable and can lead to a variety of other health issues such as skin irritation. Now there’s an adult diaper that fully absorbs the liquid and pulls it away from the skin, leaving little opportunity for skin irritation, or other incontinence-related problems. And for many, a good night’s uninterrupted, leak-free sleep is the best news of all. Adult diapers have been on the market for years, but because most are sold to hospitals, where frequent changing is not an issue, they simply have not been designed to last through the night. Night Proofs™ are — and they do!.

Night Proofs Briefs offer up to 12-hour protection against leaks, odor, and skin irritation. Just think of the convenience of going to bed without having to get up during the night to change — or waking up to a soaked bed. Now, thanks to superior design and high-quality materials, you or someone you love, can get the benefits of this amazing new adult diaper. What’s more, because they are designed to last for up to 12 hours with virtually no leaks, you’ll save on product cost and laundry.

The secret behind this remarkable product is the lining. It’s made of ultra-absorbent material that can hold three times the fluid of a typical diaper without leaking. The special composition wicks away the liquid, so the surface touching the skin remains dry. The elastic leg cuffs are comfortable and this will ensure that the liquid ends up in the brief, not on your bed. The briefs feature re-fastenable tape and an exclusive wetness indicator that tells you just how wet they are without removal.

Our Leak-proof Test:
Take a Night Proofs™ Brief and pour seven full 12-oz glasses of water into it. The water will be fully absorbed and the surface of the lining will remain dry. (If you attempt this test with other adult diapers, best try it over the sink!).

Night Proofs™ Briefs are different: One of the most absorbent adult diapers in the market today.

Just one look tells you that Night Proofs Briefs are very different from store brands.

  • They’re much thicker — with a superior design that keeps working all night so you can sleep in peace.
  • There’s a polyethylene back to prevent leaks and provide 12-hour protection. Water passes through cloth diapers, but it doesn’t penetrate the poly back. It’s that simple.
  • They’re designed for home use: with refastenable tabs, leak-proof leg cuffs and a wetness indicator that caregivers really appreciate. They’re also adjustable, breathable, latex-free — as well as odor resistant, quiet and discreet.

night proofs

Thanks to high-quality materials, superior design and a focus on individual rather than institutional needs, Night Proofs™ are more absorbent than the more famous brands. They WILL protect against leaks, odor and irritation, helping to keep you and your bed dry all night.

The text and the pitcher have i get from there website.

You can order it here:

Seams like it is an awesome and nice diaper.

  • How to Limit the Cost of Adult Diapers (