Pamp bum – ijustlikediaps

One clean and one wet version :)

Shower and PeekABU – ijustlikediaps

Wow this PeekABU sure seems to be expending like crazy :) But I sure think that the diaper most be leaking allot if he decide to be sitting down. That should be kind of nice to know. It sure most be kind of squishy to play whit now to.

Playing whit a squishy LittlePawz diaper – ijustlikediaps

Looks like this diaper boy like to play whit his squishy LittlePawz diaper :) It sure looks to be pretty well used.

Thick and soggy diaper – ijustlikediaps

Wow this diaper sure have expended well. Wounder what type of diaper this boy is wearing? It sure looks like a nice diaper to wear and try out.

You can clearly see that he have put this diaper to some good use :) What a good diaper boy he is :)