Soon the game is released – igusa025

Yes pretty soon Pokemon Let´s Go Pikachu/Eevee is released :) It is sure not many days left now before we all can play the game :)

Tereya of Yokohama Naughty!!! – igusa025

Looks like this 3 Pikachu is headed for something very fun :) Maybe they are going to go on a boat trip. It sure looks like it when you check out there outfit that they are wearing :) I only hope that they are going to have some fun :)

What is this???? – igusa025

What is this????Yes Niantic sure throw us all in the Pokemon Go community something to talk about when they decide to release this new Pokemon from Gen 8. It sure make us all wounder what the heck is Niantic up to? Is this some sort of bug or what is it?

sure show this in a cute way.

I sure wounder if we are going to get some sort of information about what type of Pokemon this is and what is name is.

But it sure makes for a nice and cute Pikachu drawing :)