Fawing Attack of Pikachu! – igusa025

Looks like Pikachu have some more super cute moves to show us :) Almost that may hart is melting from seeing this cute thing :)

How about you? Is this not a super cute drawing that we have here?

Pikachu is playing whit a Joy-Con – igusa025

It sure seems to me here that Pikachu having a very fun time playing whit that Joy-Con :)

Soon the game is released – igusa025

Yes pretty soon Pokemon Let´s Go Pikachu/Eevee is released :) It is sure not many days left now before we all can play the game :)

Tereya of Yokohama Naughty!!! – igusa025

Looks like this 3 Pikachu is headed for something very fun :) Maybe they are going to go on a boat trip. It sure looks like it when you check out there outfit that they are wearing :) I only hope that they are going to have some fun :)