Rustybutt diaper pats

Rustybutt diaper pats

Quilava, Rusty by RustytheQuilava

Draw by Oshawott222

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I bet when Rusty is patting his diaper butt it release a lot of crinkle noise. Special now when the diaper is so thick and poofy.

Ronald McCoon Icon

Ronald McCoon Icon
Ronald McCoon Icon

Cub: Ronald_Mc_Coon

Draw by: TaviMunk

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I love this new icon that Ronald have order from TaviMunk. It is so cute and the colors is so nice and he look so happy and cute on this icon. I only wont to hug him and kiss him allot because he look so sweet on this icon. This is the perfect and cutes babyfur face i have seen in a long time.

TaviMunk make a weary good work on this icon like he do on all his drawing. But i think this one turn out really special and good.

St Patricks day Icon

St Patricks day is coming up and way dont have a special icon for your furson. Maybe something like this?

Foxy green Tongue Icon
Foxy green Tongue

If you wont to have something like this? You can order one from tato. You find the all info you need to do your order on this Journal on Fur affinity: // The price is only 10 dollar.

Personal i like the icon that Ronald_Mc_Coon receive. Seams like he is relay happy about his new tongue.

Ron Coon Green Tongue Icon
Ron Coon Green Tongue

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Can be good to make your order now for the special St Patricks day Icon from Tato so you get it in time.

Animation butt icon

I just remember that i have forgot to write that i have my own animation butt icon now from rhyfe2002. And i receive it like a gift from my best friend ronaldmccoon. If you remember i have blog about this before about how jealous i was on him because i dont had any cute icon like this. You can find the post that i am talking about here. But now when i have my own animation butt icon i dont need to be jealous any more and that is good.

Animation butt Icon

I have not animate this one or draw it. This is only my character’s butt.

Bouncing butt icon

I am little sad today. I miss the chance to order some bouncing butt icon from rhyfe2002 it is hard some time to have chance for some spot when i live on the outer side of the world. But i hope i going to get a spot when rhyfe2002 open again. It was only that i was looking forward to this order. So it mad it more sad.

ronald_mc_coon have promise me that he is going to help me next time rhyfe2002 open up for a new batch he is going to place an order for me so i going to get my bouncing butt icon. That is going to be something so nice to have one.

bouncing butt iconHers is my best friend ronald_mc_coon bouncing butt.

Flopsy Icon (by Fang)

Flopsy Icon (by Fang)

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AAAAAwwwww this icon is so cute that it is so hard to describe when you look on it. When you have lots of trouble to stop looking on a drawing like this. Its only mean one thing that you rely love it and thing it is super cute and look very real. I only wont to hug this cub :)