Arts and Crafts Mishap

Arts and Crafts MishapApparently, cutting up and making art projects our of Mr. Iakhot’s work papers was not the brightest of ideas.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Iakhot


Poor Caiden it seems like he have ended up whit a new red butt. He always seems to ended up whit new mistakes about things that he should not do.

Foxy have end up whit a weary use diaper

Foxy have end up whit a weary use diaperYes like you see Foxy have end up whit a weary messy and wet diaper that stinks allot. Now you maybe wounder way Foxy is in this position.

The reason is that he have end up whit some bad constipation and he have receive some medication for that and now when everything is on its way out in his diaper now so it hurts allot and the diaper feels weary messy and it stinks allot.

Good thing that he have his pacifier to suck on and his Pikachu plush that he can hug whit when he is finish messing and wetting his diaper.

Wounder what his mother is going to fell when she have to changes this well use diaper.

Draw by: iakhot

Foxy’s diaper change

Foxy's diaper change
Foxy’s diaper change.

Me getting my diaper change by ronaldmccoon

Ronald and Foxy have spend the whole day outside. And when they haded back home Foxy had a big messy accident in his wet diaper. Good thing they was close to home because Foxy have allot of trouble walking now when the diaper was this messy. Good thing that Ronald was there to help out. And when they was back home Ronald and Foxy went straight to the changing table so he could changes Foxy weary wet and messy diaper before he ends up whit a diaper rash.
Draw by: iakhot