Stinkbutts!Well, it’s finally happened! Both my sissy sis and I have been hypnotised, now we’re happily regressed and playing about….and we’re both stinkybutts. >///<

Cubs Charry and Ursa-Mina

Text by Ursa-Mina

Draw by Charry


Yes here we have two cubs that sure looks like they could receive a diaper change now. The diaper they are wearing sure looks well used now and one have already start leaking.

Big hypnotize baby

Big hypnotize baby

Furrys: deadlydl and duffy

Draw by: yurika400


This was a nice art work that yurika400 have made whit this drawing and what a thick and cozy diaper that deadlydl is wearing. Wounder what duffy is trying to hypnotize deadlydl to? I bet it can be that he should be more like a baby and thats way he wear his bibs and a thick diaper. Babys needs to have thick diaper so they dont menage to get a leaky diaper for a long time and a thick diaper is the best solution to prevent that. Special for big boys that have a big bladder and can make a big flood hen there wet there diaper so it needs to be thick so it can handle that whiteout to leak on the side. So i hope that duffy have a great success on the hypnosis. Maybe we are going to see that in a lather picture. You can really that this is a big hypnotize baby now.

Decaf dragon’s powdery fate

Decaf dragon's powdery fate
Decaf dragon powdery fate.

decafdragon getting excessively powdered but… you guessed it, another goblin artifact!.

this one uses the aroma to hypnotize those around you to treat you like a baby, leaving you aware that you’re not :P.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.

Dragon: decafdragon.

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.


Seams like this dragon have found some relay powerful stuff here. It is good that it keep him hypnotize. If it dont was that i think it should be more struggling from his part then. And it is weary cute when the aroma put allot of powder inside his Ninja Turtle underwear. But it should be more cuter if it was a diaper instead. Maybe we are going to see that in a lather pitcher :). That should be something awesome.

Hypnotic track – Youtube

Day 1 Listen to the clearing tracks 1 & 2, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 2 Listen to the hypnotic track 1, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 3 Listen to the subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 4 Listen to the clearing track 2, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 5 Listen to the subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 6 Listen to the hypnotic track 2, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 7 Listen to the subliminal and sleep learning.
Repeat as desired.

You can find more Hypnosis track from patrick darrough on this Youtube pages:

I dont think this thing is going to work. But you can always try to see if it work. But dont be disappointed if it dont seams to work.

Potty Diaper Nights – Baby Pants

I’m sure you’ve all been called or know of someone who has been called “Potty Pants” when the odor from filling your diaper fills the air. But perhaps being a “Potty Pants” isn’t a bad thing. Constipation occurs when the baby’s stools cause significant difficulty and discomfort when being passed. Anxiety, stress and the lingering negative associations with having “Potty Pants” are strong contributors to constipation. This session will help you overcome all of this, and accept that it’s a very good thing to do a poopy in your diaper, avoiding retention. You will learn to accept that wearing a diaper, being a baby and having potty pants are all good for you. The focus of the session will be directed primarily on achieving these positive results while sleeping soundly. While you are working on these session results we recommend that you add dark fruit (prune or pear) juice to your baby formula. Also, just take extra nursing bottles of water or electrolyte solution between feedings, especially in this hot weather.


Untraining Faren

Untraining Faren
Untraining Faren

Commission for  faren.
Telorath, the mischievous but mostly harmless of the two brothers, decided he wanted to wean Faren off the toilet and get him dependent on diapers.
Sure, he has ways to make it happen in an instant, but it’s much more fun to slowly make it happen, as if it could never be stopped or reversed.

His main process is to hypnotize Faren in his sleep, making him forget how to hold it in, making him always so relaxed…


Very nice drawing but pore boy that don’t now about what the brother have down to him.