Smooshy Foal

Smooshy FoalPony Tenerius

Draw by Ludis-Luteo


wow this pony sure did a big mess during his hypnosis section. But i think that was the point of it. Good thing the diaper he is wearing could manage to handle it whiteout leaking.

Messy Little Hypnogirl

Messy Little HypnogirlDoesn’t she look happy! Though she could use a change…

Messy otter by UK-Brony

Draw by natsu-cat


Looks like this cute otter had a little messy accident in here diaper and need someone to change it now when it look this messy,

New Warp MY Mind audio files 2015-01 and 02

Here is a list of new hypnotics audio files that have been uploaded to Warp MY Mind during January and February.

dutch adult baby, baby bottle, zuigflesje : Free to download.

Description: dutch adult baby, baby bottle, zuigflesje, what is a toddler without a baby bottle? Ok, you are no baby anymore, but… still… You really like to suckle your bottle as much as possible, it feels so good! Dutch TTS. Thank you MindMaster for your induction! (adapted). Newer version! Good to listen to when drinking from your bottle… Good toddler!

Repeat with me – diaper: Free to download.

Description: Not sure if this would work, just an interesting look at making the subject say what they are feeling.

Re-re-regress – For premium members only.

Description: Designed to reinforce existing triggers (repeating my previous files but with a different induction), but this could work alone. This file will make you a little girl when you wear little girl clothes. While you are a little girl, you will feel or do anything you are told to do with the trigger “Little Girls”. For example, you could say “Little girls cant stop giggling”. There are some safeties in this file. There were some glitches when I converted this file to mp3; but I put one that sounds kind of interesting in the “binaural” slot in case anyone wants to try it.

Sarnoga-The Diaper Does It Remi – For premium members only.

Description: This is a remix I did of Sarnoga’s excellent “The Diaper Does It” file complete with an induction and awakening. I removed all references to the curse (life doesn’t always allow me to wear diapers every ten days) and added an echo to Sarnoga’s soothing voice. I did this for my own use but thought I might share one of my favorite files remixed.

Lady Rio – The Diaper Does It – For premium members only.

Description: From the moment you put it on, the diaper does it, the diaper makes you lose control of your bladder. You can’t stop it, you can’t fight it, the diaper does it.

adult baby injection – For premium members only.

Description: Original description: ” I inject you with this new drug, it feels so good, the effects are just what you always wanted… it only works a few hours, but you can take it again, I have enough of it… ;-)”… This is an english translation of “dutch adult baby injectie” so I only own the translation, I guess. Everything else goes to the original author zzzzz.

What a Good Baby Girl!

What a Good Baby Girl!Awww, looks like Cer has fallen under a mysterious stranger’s hypnotic suggestions. What’s more, it looks like she’s following his commands, happy (If not proud!) to show off for him and everyone else what a good baby she is. Filling her diaper up and being on display makes for a very happy bear cub!

Isn’t she being a very good baby girl? Definitely looks like it.

Bear and text by Cerulean_Aurion

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it really lock like she is a very good baby girl special now when she have show that she can use the diaper what it is meant for handle wet or messy accidents.

Mochi have found what she loves


Look like Mochi have found what she loves deep inside or is it the hypnotic recording that make that she love wearing diapers?

Hypnotic track – Youtube

Day 1 Listen to the clearing tracks 1 & 2, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 2 Listen to the hypnotic track 1, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 3 Listen to the subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 4 Listen to the clearing track 2, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 5 Listen to the subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 6 Listen to the hypnotic track 2, subliminal and sleep learning.
Day 7 Listen to the subliminal and sleep learning.
Repeat as desired.

You can find more Hypnosis track from patrick darrough on this Youtube pages:

I dont think this thing is going to work. But you can always try to see if it work. But dont be disappointed if it dont seams to work.