Smooshy Time

Smooshy TimeDraw and everything by

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Awww it seems like this red panda is getting special treatment from caretaker nanny. It sure seems like she love to play whit his squishy messy diaper and to give him some diaper masturbation time. I Sure thing he is going to release some sticky cum son into the messy stinky diaper.

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehfications

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehficationsafter being gifted a special pacifier, he finds it not only popped into his muzzle, but unable to remove it, as it reassures him that it is, in fact, FOR HIM and makes a few other “alterations” to seal him into his fate…

just another helpless baby pretending to be all grown up…

Wolf: Isyonir

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Poor Isyonir it sure seems like he have ended up in allot of trouble now. How should he manage to reverse the effect from the magic pacifier now when it have him in it care. I am pretty sure it going to force him to put the thick diaper that he is wearing to some good use pretty soon.


Leaning to love your diapers

Leaning to love your diapersThe diaper masturbation donkey belongs to Luckywesel

Draw by Charry

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It really seems like Luckywesel really starting to enjoy to wear diapers. Special now during his hypnosis and diaper masturbation time. He sure seems to be pretty relax and enjoying himself now. I bet he soon going to release one big load of cum into the waiting diaper pretty soon. Special if he keeps up whit that he is doing :)

I only hope that he going to love the feeling now :)

Bye Bye Corporal, Hello Babbler

Bye Bye Corporal, Hello Babbler Poor babystar seems to have been captured by someone who would rather have her babbling and drooling from her maw rather than shouting orders at others. It seems though that some time has passed as the mental reconditioning seems to be hitting it’s final stages. She doesn’t have much time. Or maybe, it’s already too late.

Lynx belongs tobabystar

Draw and text by Kit_Kiama

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Poor babystar it sure seems like it is already to late to do anything or reverse here current mental stage :(

What is going to happen whit here now? Someone sure is going to be needed to take care of her now when she dont can do it herself.

Diaperfur Comic: Mysterious Diaper

Mysterious DiaperOrder by Avarios

Draw by tato

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Poor Veemon i sure he regret now that he decided to put this diaper on. It seems like that diaper package is loaded whit magic diapers that hypnosis you. I sure wounder what is going to happen whit poor Veemon now when the diaper have control over him. I sure would be very interesting to know what would happen next whit him. I sure think that the diaper is going to force him to use it.


AHH AHH CACA BAA! Draw and everything by Charry~

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It sure seems like the hypnosis is starting to work on this furry. But its going to be kind of hard to care for a big baby like this.