Some Kaa time

Some Kaa timeDon’t worry kids, just a few moments later someone came buy and rescued Argi!

Argi and text by Not_original77

Draw by tato


Poor Argi he always seems to end up inside something. Now it seems like he have end up inside a snake instead of a diaper pail that he usually tend to end up inside.

New Warp My Mind audio files 2015-05 and 06

Diaper File – Hypnotic Blitz
Description: This is the corresponding background loop that belongs to the Diaper File. It can be listened to separately and the combination of both has the best results. See also, the forum post

ocntrl – Diaper File
Description: This file was created based on the request below: “I would like to increase my desire to wear diapers at any time, not just at night (not a curse, but more of a growing desire so the choice is still mine but helping me to choose to wear during the day too.) I would like to freely urinate without thinking/knowing when wearing a diaper. I would like to wet whenever I sleep (nap during the day, at night, etc.) as long as I’m wearing a diaper. I would like to accept diapers as normal as underwear, recognizing they offer protection and comfort.” This is de induction and set of suggestion to make that happen. Another file (ocntrl – Diaper File – Hypnotic Blitz) is an addition you can use as a background loop without the need for trance. See also, the forum post

A Proper Child
Description: This file is pretty direct compared to most of my work which uses more indirect suggestions. This one gets right to the point, you will wet like a proper child who is still in diapers or else you’ll be in big trouble. Hope you like it.

You can’t move
Description: after listening to this file, your arms and legs are just too relaxed to move them. you cant move them until you empty your bladder completely…

SOS Bathroom
Description: like the name said it , you probably understood what kind of file is it , it’s a bedweting file , listen to it with a stereo headphone in a loop while you sleep.

Curse Full Diapers
Description: This curse file doesn’t make you wear diapers. There is no compulsion to put them on unless someone offers to do so. But, once they are on this curse kicks in. Once diapered, there is NO way for you to remove them until they are heavy and full, you simply will not be able to get them off no matter what you try. So if you wear diapers, be prepared to fill them until they are sagging, heavy, and full because they won’t come off until then.

Permanent Bladder and Bowel Incontinence
Description: Listening to this file will result in permanent incontinence of both bladder and bowel. Wetting and messing will happen whenever and wherever you are so be ready to wear your diapers forever.

New Warp MY Mind audio files 2015-03 and 04

Here is a list of new hypnotics audio files that have been uploaded to Warp My Mind during March and April.

2am to 3am – Premium

Description: 30 minute file, continuing with your brainwashing overnight, includes a diaper change and feeding with a bottle, after all you can’t go all night in an overfull diaper you need more room to pee. Listen after all previous files in the series. Lots of suggestions to use the Mind Master series to the full.

Enema (messy pants version) – Premium

Description: this file should give you the urge to give yourself an enema. then it should force you to mess yourself.

Bathtime Regression – Premium

Description: This is a relatively nice curse. Can you remember how much fun you had taking a bath when you were a child? From now on, every time you take a bath, the warm water regresses you back to your childhood… Making you forget all your everyday stress, worries, responsibilities and allowing you to enjoy the bath to the fullest… just a carefree child in the bathtub… There is no specific age stated in this file, so it’s up to you, but there are suggestions that you will be able to get out and towel yourself off, and of course some safeties. You will revert back to normal as soon as you get out of the bad and towel yourself off… Visit me and find more files (including other versions of this file) at!

Diaper Brain Drain – Premium

Description: this file is a hypnotically enhanced game that involve diapers and mental regression. its one of the few files i have made that is not directly pig themed. the rules are simple and enforced through hypnosis: 1. the game begins the next time you put on a diaper, if you are already wearing a diaper while listening to the file, the game begins as you listen to the file. 2. the more you mess or wet your diaper the more you will feel your intelligence slipping away. 3. the game ends when you cum, when you go to sleep, or if you are in danger, and your intelligence returns entirely once the game ends.

repeat – with me: diaper – Premium

Description: little bit adapted script from Saphroneth, thank you for your great script! TTS version, kind of a diaper mantra/brainwash. In the custom slot a phased version. Original text: Not sure if this would work, just an interesting look at making the subject say what they are feeling. Original link:—diaper.php

repeat with me: pacifier or baby bottle – Premium

Description: repeat with me: pacifier or baby bottle. Inspired by the nice script made by Saphronet, thank you! Mantra/brainwash about sucking pacifier or baby bottle or ? Regress while repeating with this file… A phased version in the Custom slot

Lady Rio – Phantom Babysitter – Buy now

Description: Lady Rio takes you down into trance and creates a Phantom Babysitter, a young lady that watches over you and tries to make you permanently incontinent. This Ghost’s only purpose is to make certain that you wet and mess yourself all the time and she expects you to mind her.

Re-program all the Pups!

Europe/Stockholmtoyapup dealing with some adjustments to his life :3

Wolf toyapup

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


I think this is going to be a big adjustments to toyapup life now when his mind get back to infant state and he need someone that could care for him 24/7. Poor boy this is not going to end up well for him when he is finish whit this re-program.

New Warp MY Mind audio files 2015-01 and 02

Here is a list of new hypnotics audio files that have been uploaded to Warp MY Mind during January and February.

dutch adult baby, baby bottle, zuigflesje : Free to download.

Description: dutch adult baby, baby bottle, zuigflesje, what is a toddler without a baby bottle? Ok, you are no baby anymore, but… still… You really like to suckle your bottle as much as possible, it feels so good! Dutch TTS. Thank you MindMaster for your induction! (adapted). Newer version! Good to listen to when drinking from your bottle… Good toddler!

Repeat with me – diaper: Free to download.

Description: Not sure if this would work, just an interesting look at making the subject say what they are feeling.

Re-re-regress – For premium members only.

Description: Designed to reinforce existing triggers (repeating my previous files but with a different induction), but this could work alone. This file will make you a little girl when you wear little girl clothes. While you are a little girl, you will feel or do anything you are told to do with the trigger “Little Girls”. For example, you could say “Little girls cant stop giggling”. There are some safeties in this file. There were some glitches when I converted this file to mp3; but I put one that sounds kind of interesting in the “binaural” slot in case anyone wants to try it.

Sarnoga-The Diaper Does It Remi – For premium members only.

Description: This is a remix I did of Sarnoga’s excellent “The Diaper Does It” file complete with an induction and awakening. I removed all references to the curse (life doesn’t always allow me to wear diapers every ten days) and added an echo to Sarnoga’s soothing voice. I did this for my own use but thought I might share one of my favorite files remixed.

Lady Rio – The Diaper Does It – For premium members only.

Description: From the moment you put it on, the diaper does it, the diaper makes you lose control of your bladder. You can’t stop it, you can’t fight it, the diaper does it.

adult baby injection – For premium members only.

Description: Original description: ” I inject you with this new drug, it feels so good, the effects are just what you always wanted… it only works a few hours, but you can take it again, I have enough of it… ;-)”… This is an english translation of “dutch adult baby injectie” so I only own the translation, I guess. Everything else goes to the original author zzzzz.

Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker – Page 5

Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker - Page 5Draw by BananaButt


Poor husky it seems like he is force back to infant stat bay this ghost. Wounder if he is going to stay like this forever.

He look kind of cute now special now when he have a diaper on :)