Snazzy’s Dungeon

Snazzy's DungeonOrder by snazzy

Draw by Myoti


Awww looks like this dragon have decided that this bunny is going to start a new life here in this dungeon whit help of little hypnosis.

Looks like a new life in diapers is starting for here now.

Rusty’s version of a mouse trap! Part 1

Rusty's version of a mouse trap! Part 1

“..For poor Trevor, he had came home way too late, as Rusty had already ambushed his wife and converted her into a mindless Diaperslut before he came home. The now male Diaperslut Raticate still had on the floral print t-shirt his wife liked to wear, to convey the message of who this used to be, roughly at least…

Trevor stopped sniffing the air as he saw the floral shirt of his wife appear around the corner. “Oh, honey! Hey! I think one of the…wha?” He noticed that it wasn’t his wife, but instead a very pink Raticate that was approaching him, with a diaper on and a very noticeable bulge in the front. Could this be where the smell was coming from? He shook his head to clear it and looked around. “Hey! What did you do to my wife?!” He shouted at the odd pink creature, clenching his fists in anger, upset that his wife might have been hurt by this weird freak that stood before him now.

Without even stopping his march towards Trevor, the brainless pink slave bent down and plunged his maw around the mouse’s cock, giving Trevor a rather sudden and passionate blowjob. For Trevor, it was a shock to say the least. Rusty slowly scooted out from underneath the couch…

“Ah, what?!” Trevor tried hitting and pushing the Raticate as it sucked on his cock. He suddenly felt the mouth grip tighter around his cock as it sucked, and he started to get turned on despite himself. “No! Ah! Get off! What did you do to my wife!” He pushed some more before his hands slipped and he fell onto his butt while the Raticate sucked and lick on his cock, as it stiffened in it’s mouth. Trevor began to pant slightly and blush when Rusty whispered in his ear. “I had a lot to teach that wife of yours, but now it’s your turn for those lessons.”

“Huh?!” Trevor whipped his head around, unable to move much with the Raticate glued to his crotch. “Who are you?! What do you mean? What did you…ah…mmmf…do to my wife?!” The smell started to envelop Trevor’s senses even more, and he had to focus heavily not to moan as his crotch throbbed when he breathed in again, the ripe stench starting to smell good to him.

After hours of Diaperslut Raticate torturing Trevor with diaper facesitting and relentless blowjobs, suddenly, the Raticate was gone from Trevor, and he sat up, looking around. The pink Quilava was talking, and Trevor heard him, but it was really hard to listen as his cock ached in pleasure. He did recognize that the Quilava was very different, seeming to wield an immense amount of power for a Pokemon that was simply supposed to be a fire type. That smell, though. It was stinky, overpowering, and the most wonderful thing Trevor had every smelled. Every breath just clouded his mind more and made him start to groan in pleasure as his cock ached for pleasure and release.

Even though he couldn’t completely focus on what Rusty was saying, it still internalized itself within him. He…he needed this. Whatever the strange Pokemon was offering. He wanted more of this pleasure. It was consuming, overwhelming, and the scent began to fill his thoughts as he could think of almost nothing else.

Trevor found himself nodding as Rusty finished speaking. Not quite sure what he was agreeing to, but it no longer mattered to him. “P-please. I’ve never felt such pleasure in my life. It’s…it’s overwhelming. I want to always feel this way.” His cock throbbed again as he agreed to the powerful Pokemon’s demands.

“Then you shall feel this way for eternity~” Rusty giggled, blowing a cloud of pink dust at the mouse. It was a strange sensation, the dust itself didn’t seem to cause any changes, but rather the pinkness itself that the dust was fused with. Pink…pinkness…pink aura. The secret to Rusty’s powers. A form of aura that was impossible to describe other than it felt like a never ending orgasm to the senses in every way.

As the dust was breathed in, the pink aura inside Trevor slowly ate away at his normal aura, replacing it. But it only served to allow Rusty to control physical changes. Since Rusty could physically alter anything’s physical form as long as it was pink aura, he then had no problem changing Trevor into that of a Raticate – and not just that, but an entirely pink one like his former wife.

Somehow, a diaper grafted itself onto Trevor, literally poofing into existence on Trevor’s waist without him even realizing it until Rusty began to stroke and rub his crinkles teasingly, which only caused Trevor to moan…the padding somehow fused to his very core being, a part of his anatomy, and sensitive in ways that his mortal mind could barely fathom…”

(To be continued~)

Order and text by RustytheQuilava

Draw by respecies


Awww Rusty sure seems to have some really strong power over Diaperslut here. Rusty sure making sure that he get some special and intensive things here.

But it sure looks like Rusty needs to have his messy stinky diaper changed. It sure seems to be pretty well used here.

Sissy Pup at the Doctors

Sissy Pup at the Doctors

Soren~ getting a proper pampered prostate exam, they were being a fussy pup so the good doctor had to strap em in and put on the hypnosis screens to ease them, and of course diaper them, because we don’t need any accidents during the examination.

Order by Soren

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes it sure looks like his doctor have decided to give him a proper and intensive examination of his prostate.

Sealed and Regressed

Sealed and RegressedThe furry belongs to j8bit-forager

Draw by BunnyKisses


Aww it looks like j8bit-forager diaper have starting to run some special protocol now. This sure seems to be an advance diaper he is wearing.

Padded and Proud

Padded and Proud

After a few weeks with the former fox cop trapped in his tail and being unwillingly treated like a baby, Scout had finally set up a state of the art hypnosis device to render Nick helpless in shaping him into who Scout wanted him to be. Scout then began to get things ready.

After getting Nick out of his tail and keeping him nice and still with some rope, he activated the device and put on a pair of shades to protect himself from its effects. He put a thumbs up in a smirk as Nick’s gaze quickly grew swirly eyed, his eyes locking into the presence of the hypnotic screen as his brain slowly got rewired and reprogrammed to fit Scout’s desires, all the while suckling softly on his pacifier.

Scout could’ve made the machine have his mind turned more infantile like a baby or give him a strong desire to be treated like one, but Scout didn’t want an infant to look after, he wanted a companion who shared his love. He wanted Nick to be a diaper lover so he could still be independent but also have a fondness for babyish paraphernalia.

Nick didn’t fight back, he didn’t squirm at all as the machine reworked his thoughts. He would still be Nick, he would just be a little different to fit Scout’s desires. It took away his continence as well just to make him a little dependent on pamps but aside from that he would still be a fully functioning adult.

After the procedure was done, Nick with his eyes still having a faint swirly hint, looked up at Scout and smirked, suckling his pacifier cutely.

Scout smiled and untied the boy, helping him onto his feet so he could strike a pose to show off his cute outfit before falling onto his padded rump, giving Scout a giggle.

“Let’s get you into something a little more appropriate.”

Scout knew the ideal outfit for his lovely new fox friend, a pair of cute lil gay shades, a nice big thick diaper to show off his rump and a cute slightly baggy green top saying “Padded and Proud” to emphasize Nick’s newfound love for diapers.

“How do you feel Nick?”

Nick stated that he felt “Cute and Sexy as hell” as he gave a pose which showed off his padded rump making Scout giggle a little bit, a small blush on his cheeks.

“Hey Nick? You wanna go back to Zootopia and see if we can . . . have some of your pals join us?”

Nick put a paw over his cheek in a pondering mannerism and smirked, giving a light nod as Scout grinned, pulling out two plane tickets for himself and his new babe.

The two then began to walk through Scout’s town, not even showing a shameful glance as they walked with their butts so poofy and large, and both of them holding hands like a sort of couple. Nick gave plenty of people a cute smirk, showing how proud and confident he was in his outfit.

Without our knowing, Judy apparently was in town, having heard rumors that this is where Nick had been while he was gone from Zootopia for almost a month. She asked around, not being able to give much detail and she seemed hopeless up until she heard a familiar voice say “So can I be the one to tease Lil Toot Toot or do you want your tail to do that?”

She looked in the direction of the familiar voice and her eyes widened, shocked and confused by what she saw. She saw her former partner dressed in such an odd outfit and holding hands with a strange lil light blue rabbit/fox hybrid . . . he resembled one of the tourist who visited the police station around the time that Nick went missing.

“NICK!?” she exclaimed in shock but Nick looked in her direction and only gave a “Sup Carrot Top?” with Scout smirking all the while as they made their way towards the airport, leaving Judy dazed and confused.

Nick, Judy, Finnick and Zootopia are all copyright property of Disney

Order and text by jimmyarthur104

Draw by GrimmInHisCrib


Looks like Scout have finely found his perfect friend now :)



The drooling furry belongs to thatquietcat

Draw by Charry


Looks like someone is looking for a new baby to adopt. Or should we say a special type of baby ;)