The Spanking Machine


When  the boss was a  pup,  he always liked to invent things!He was very smart for his age and he used to write and invent things that came to his mind!
One day his father had told him to clean his room, because was very messy!

Little boss:”With pleasure I will, father!”

But as every pup tends to happen, what went in one ear,it went by the other!
Little  boss had finished invent and build  his first machine called “The all in one”, and he  was testing it  on  himself…spanking  his  own  bottom!

With a squeaky voice said:”Success!”

But Little  boss don’t  realized that his father was there and turning off the machine, said:
“You’re a naughty pup and see you’ve invented an spanking machine, and now  you’ll receive a real  spanking like in the  yesteryears!”

And so was born the idea of ​​the machine called “The all in one”, an idea that the  boss put into action in his own company!


Foxy’s mom worked at the same   company like  Matt, but that day she didn’t find anyone who will take care of little Foxy.

The  boss:”Good  morning!And look who we have here!”
Foxy’s  mom:” I  don’t have  anyone who  can take care of my son today,boss  and I …!”
The  boss:”Enough!No problem, I’ll take charge of  him!”
Foxy’s  mom:”Oh  thanx  goodness!Many,many  thanx boss!And you Foxy, be a good little boy with the boss!”

But during the day, Foxy was making  mischief  on the boss’s office!
The  boss:”I have something in store for you and I know you will like!”
“And what  is  it? And what  is  it?” Foxy shouted  and jumped with excitement!


The  boss:”I have still kept my first machine “All in one”, and is used for those disobedient cubs!This machine will be on sale too, and I’m going to make a huge profit with it!”


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  by: nelson88


Remi and Sammy Get Spanked

Remi and Sammy Get Spanked
Remi and Sammy Get Spanked.

“Do  you remember the “All in one machine”?

,well here we introduced the new and improved “All in one 2!”.
A very proud boss announced to a reporter, the  new company adquisicion for  sale!.

And the boss  added:”And thanks to my favorite employee named Matt and his beautiful white  rear  end, sorry I didn’t mean that!I mean, thanks for the cooperation of Matt, because  he lent me his  boys(Remi  and  Sammy) for this important demonstration!As you can see. This machine not only punishes those disobedient pups, cubs and  some  adults  too, also takes rear  ends  temperatures!. By taking the temperature, the machine will know how much punishment needs those disobedient pups!I’m sure this will sell like hotcakes!”.

The reporter said:”I will definitely buy one!”.

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by nelson88.


Look like Remi And Sammy have bean some weary bad pup to have earn this type of spanked butts. Wounder what they have don to be part of this demonstration? I think they have tacking off there diapers whiteout permission and use the potty instead of there diaper like a good boy should use. If that is the case i hope they get allot of spanking for that so they dont do it again.

It look like a weary good machine if you wont your cubs to have a weary good and a weary toasted butt like a bad cubs should have. And it is good they are strapped down good so the cubs dont can get away from the spanking. Or try to cover the toasted butt that they have if they have receive allot of spanking.

Bath time and cub care! Part 3

Bath time and cub care! Part 3
Bath time and cub care! Part 3

Matt was in his car but decided to get off and return again to his  boss,he rang the door bell and one very happy boss said:
“You came back, my boy!”

Matt with his  face a  little embarrassed said:
“Boss … I … I want and  I  wish to hug  you  on  your  bed…but  just for only a moment!Can  I?”

The  boss:”Absolutely and definitely my pup! Come with me and do  whatever you want with  me!ARF!”

What a wonderful opportunity for Matt,his boss on his lap, naked, and with his rear  end ready for anything!And Matt laid his head on his  boss’s  bare  bottom, and patted him with  love and sigh, and sigh many times…and whisper an “I love you daddy”!


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88


Good that Matt get a chance to get a revenge on the boss. From the look on his face it look like he really like this and i can understand way he like it. Now can he show the boss how match he like him. So i hope that he give the boss a very red and hurting butt now. But from the look on the boss face it dont seems to bother him that match that he going to get some spanking.

Bath time and cub care! Part 2

Bath time and cub care! Part 2
Bath time and cub care! Part 2

The boss is always very strict when it’s time to change diapers to his cub!
Diligently, the boss sprinkle baby powder on Matt’s  bottom, to make his pup feel happy,clean and fresh!
When all is ready and  done, the boss gives him a gentle pats on  his  diapered  butt, in sign of approval!

Later, the boss keeps hugging his pup on  his  bed and saying:
“My  big boy,before you go, I will check your diaper to see if everything is in order!By what I see now, everything’s in order,you’re totally clean!Now you will go to your home more relaxed, clean and fragrant!”

Meanwhile, Matt was sucking his finger and he loved to be treated like his pup!

And the boss kept Matt embraced for a long time, until it was time to go home … something that kept him very sad!^^


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88


You can find part 1 here.

It look like Matt have end up whit a bare bottom and a diaper butt at his boss bed again. He dont seems to have any luck this dog. I only hope that his brother or someone else find out about this. That should be weary embarrassing if this get out for Matt. But i love the cute and poofy diaper butt that he have in one of the picture.

Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Bath time and cub care! Part 1
Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Matt  was already out of his work a  friday  on  the  afternoon,he had already finished their working hours and was preparing to leave when someone called him:

“Matt, the boss called by phone and he wants you to bring  him  these important documents to his home!”

Matt:”Yes  and  no  problem!”

Later,arriving  to  the  boss  house, Matt rang the doorbell , and the door opened and Matt said:
“Good afternoon boss!Here I bring the documents, now I’m going home!”

The  boss:”Many  thanx my  boy…Matt…can  ask  you  a  question?”


The  boss:”I think you’re tired and you need a good bath! Definitely you and  your  rear  end needs a good  wash  and soap rubbing!I’m  right?”

Matt:”Well…errr…yes  boss!”

The  boss:”No  more  talking,come  with  me  in  my  special place…and  is  exclusive  for  you!”

Matt:”F-f-f-for  me,boss?”

The  boss:”Yes  for  you  my  boy…Now take off your clothes and I will gonna wash you,from  head  to  toes!”

How good is the boss, he had prepared an special tub  for Matt, he washed him  completely and  he  spent a  long   time  cleaning Matt’s round white bottom!

The  boss:”You will go to your house very clean, but first come with me to my room,  I have other cute things for you…!”

To  be  continued…

Draw and fix by: nelson88


Look like Matt needed a good and big cleaning and like the boss say he was dirty and needed some help to get clean. And i hope he ends up nice and clean from his big and nice bath time that the boss is helping him whit.

All in one machine!

All in one machine
All in one machine

The  boss:”Listen everybody! A new product has arrived!It’s a machine that will revolutionize the whole market!I designed it myself and will soon be available to everyone!”

One reporter asked:”And  how  you called your  machine,mister?”

The  boss:”I have named “All in one”!”

Another reporter asked:

The  boss:”Because this amazing machine, does  everything!This machine change diapers, clean the baby and if the cub gets a little difficult, also this machine will  be  used as a spanking machine!”

A third reporter asked:”We can see a demonstration?”

The  boss:”Sure!And who will make the demonstration will be my most faithful employee, Matt!
Ok Matt, take off your clothes and lie down!”


The  boss:”NOW!”

Poor Matt … used as a guinea pig and humiliated again…but  I  like  it  that!^^

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88


This seems to be a nice machine that can do all this but it dont look like Matt is liking this and i can understand that. It dont so match fun to be advertising for a machine like that. I hope that no friends to Matt found out about this. That should be something even more blushing then have your butt fully exposed like this. I hope this work out good for Matt in the end.

It should be really nice and awesome to have a machine that could change your diaper and even spank you if you need something like that.