The underwear sniffer!

The underwear sniffer!
The underwear sniffer!

As usual, Matt was picking up all the dirty  clothes, to carry it into the washing machine, and the last piece of clothing that Matt took in his paws  was  a  used undies belonging to Richard!

Matt:”This belong to my  dad!I  bet  my  dad  have  the  most  stinkiest  butt  of  the  world! And the only way to check is, smelling it all over!”

And Matt took in his paws  his father’s  dirty  underwear and he began to smelled … *sniff**sniff**sniff*…!

Matt:”PHEWW!Very  smelly!!*giggling*”

Richard:”What is  so  smelly, Matt?And can you tell me what are you doing too?”

Matt very nervously said:”Nothing, nothing!I’m just  picking up the dirty clothes,  I have to wash it now!”

Richard:”You will think I’m a fool?What you did was smelling my underwear!”

Matt:”It’s not what you think, Dad! Let me explain!”

Richard:”Silence! You’ll see what will happen to you!”

Poor Matt … being  spanked , and with  a  smelly underwear all  over his  face as punishment!Lol!

Lineart  by  Victor/story and colors by nelson88.


I think it is right of Richard to spanking Matt for this. It is not a good thing to goo around and sniff in your underwear like that. Underwear is made for you to wear them and then wash them when they are dirty.

What do you think? Do you Matt have deserve this toasted butt?

Good Night Everycub

Good Night Everycub
Good Night Everycub.

Husky/Leopard: SoubiGlowheart.

Draw by: SoubiGlowheart.


Aww it really look like this husky love his teddy bear and that is good you should always give your plushy allot of loves and that means hugs and kiss. so you show him that you love him allot and car for him allot to. You have allot of time to do that when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep special when you wearing your thick night diaper. Then you dont need to get out of your cozy bed or stop hugging your plushy you can do the thing you need to do in the diaper. And you know that you wearing your night diaper so it can handle it and allot more and you know that you are going to do that in your sleep. Diapers is made to be use and when you are wearing one way not use it then like a good cub do.

Wounder if he have any cute name on his Teddy bear?

Yes, my master! (The boss’s revenge!) Part 2 and 3

Yes,my  master!"(The boss's  revenge!) Part 2
Yes,my master!”(The boss’s revenge!) Part 2.

Looks like the boss has changed his mind and decided to have grandpa Richard, hypnotized for a little while!All of you will wonder where the hell is Matt?Matt is all day on business matters in the boss’s company!Very busy!

The  boss:”Now, let’s go to the park only you and me!But first you be wearing a chastity belt and a leash around your neck!”
Grandpa  Richard:”Yes  master!”

In the park already, the boss brought a  rubber bone toy, so  Richard  can played with it!
The  boss:”Get  your tongue out for  me, Richard!Good  boy!”
Richard:”Master,can  you  touch  me  down there?”
The  boss:”Not  yet!”.

Yes,my master!"(The boss's revenge!) Part 3
Yes,my master!”(The boss’s revenge!) Part 3.

After a good walk in the park, the boss decided to take Richard to his house, and there  he undressed him  and said:
“Now my slave, to my  bed and bottoms  up!”
Richard:”Master,can  you  touch  me  down there?”
The  boss:”I  said,not  yet!Now your white ass will  be redder than a tomato, I’ll start with my hand for  a  warn  up,and  then I will use the paddle!”
Richard:”My  ass  is  all  yours,master!”.


Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88.

It look like the boss decided to give Richard the howl treatment for this naughty husky. And when Richard wake up from this hypnosis i bet he is going to be weary surprise about this and i bet he is going to wounder way his butt hurts.




“Tock!Tock!Tock!”Someone knocked at the door!
Grandpa Richard asked to  himself: “Who is knocking at  my  door  at  this  early  hours  of  the  morning?”

When Richard opened the door, Matt and the boss were standing there and said:
“We came to say hello before going to work, and we took this  opportunity  to  see  if  you  can  make to us, a nice cup of coffee, I know that you do it very delicious,dad!”

And Richard with a big grin, said:” Both take  a  sit, and I’m coming right away with  the cups of coffee!”

But while they were waiting, Richard still had in his possession, the youth formula invented by Matt!
Richard:”I still haven’t forgotten you, my dear formula!They will remain here, at least all day …they  will be transformed into pups!Just  one…no  three…darn!Four  drops  and  that’s  all!”

When Matt and the boss took it the coffee, they were transformed instantly into pups!
Richard:”Awww!What we have here? Two pups that need diapers because otherwise both of you will make a big mess on the floor!”

Then, Richard took each pup under his arms and carried them to  his room!There,their little  butts, were cleaned, powdered  and  diapered  too!

Richard:”All  done!Now don’t make any mischief or you will gain a good spanking!Aww! They  have  little cute bottoms!I will bring milk,I will right  back!”


But when Richard returned, he  found the boss,  checking  his front  part  of  the  diaper!
Richard said so himself:” I have to record this  on video!”

And the whole scene was recorded …
Richard:”Don’t worry, boss! Soon you will have your normal size … and your  little doghood too!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.


aww what a nice drawing and i hope they have some fun time now when they are cubs again. Now can they play all day long and dont need to think about any thin else then having allot of fun.

The itching powder prank! Part 2 & 3

The itching powder prank! Part 2
The itching powder prank! Part 2.

Meanwhile, Sammy was laughing a  lot  every  time Remi said how  he threw the itching powder in  Matt’s  diaper!
Suddenly   their  room door opened with great force!And guess who was there?
Matt!And   his face was very angry!

Matt:”My diaper was all covered with itching powder!Which one of you two did the prank?”

And as usual in  these  situations, they both blamed each other!

Matt:”I  repeat…Which one of you two did the prank?My ass is red  and sore twice … by the itching powder and  the hard spanking that I received  from my boss!Out of bed … NOW!”.

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.


The itching powder prank! Part 3
The itching powder prank! Part 3.

Like dragon444 said “those kids are in for the spanking of the century”,and definitely they got it!

Matt:”Remi is already feeling the effects of itching powder in  his  diaper after the spanking!You’re next!”

Sammy:”Can we go to the bathroom after the spanking,dad?To get us out of  us this itching  powder? Please?Can  we?”
And  Matt said:”AFTER TWO MINUTES!”


Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88.


It look like this two pups have deserve this type of punishment and i hope that they learn something about it to. But I doubt that they will learn something from this.

The itching powder prank

The itching powder prank
The itching powder prank.

It was a friday afternoon, and grandpa Richard was in charge  and  care of  his grandchildren, because Matt was visiting  his boss!
The boss had given Matt some gift  diapers that had recently arrived at the company, and he wanted  that Matt, to model his  diaper on  his  house!

Matt  was  taking  a  shower,and Remi very quietly and without making any noise, he entered to his father’s room and he sprinkled some itching powder  on Matt’s  diaper!

Later,  before he left, he told  to  his pups:”Obey all that your grandpa say, and if I hear one…just  one complaint from him,  your little  bottoms will be very red and sore!”

And kissed them on the forehead!

Later, Matt was  in the boss’ house , and there he took off his clothes and put on his diaper to show it to his boss!
Matt:”My boss is so good  with me and this diaper that  he  gave  me  as  a  gift is very cute!I’m sure that  my rump will look,  so cute!”

Then, Matt called his boss and when the boss entered the room, saw Matt sitting on the floor … but without saying a word with his tongue  pulled out!

The  boss:”With that look on your face, you told me everything! Definitely, you didn’t like my gift!I’m very angry with you! What do you have to say for yourself?”

But Matt just muttering … “eerrr” … owww!…Oh  my  poor doghood…!”
Because  the boss didn’t know that Matt, was wearing a  diaper  full of itching powder!

And  the  boss shouted:”You have refused my gift and you will be punished with  a spanking!”

Later  on in the  pup’s house …

Sammy:”Remi? Did you see my bottle  with itching powder?”
Remi:”I found it and was in Dad’s room!Maybe he was going to use it, to make a joke  on  his boss!”
Sammy:”Or maybe you were the one who did the prank on Dad!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88 story by abdl86.


I am happy that Victor and Nelson88 like my id that i send to him and the drawing turn out to be weary good. And to have a diaper loaded whit itching powder is not so match fun. wounder how that should feels like to wearing a diaper whit itching powder?