Not helping

Not helping

Not helping Doux!!

Order by CodyOmega

Draw by Badgersmoogle


Poor fox looks like his new daddy really wont him to be using his diaper like a good little cub and not fight it.

Daddy sure is right a good cub using his diaper when he needs to go. Its a daddy’s job to be checking that diaper and see if it needs to be change to avoid leaks or bad rash from spending to many hours in a soggy or messy diaper.

Daddy really looking forward to feel his cubs diaper front getting all warm and squishy.

Brother Knows Best II

Brother Knows Best II“See?” Chase smirked, lifting his phone up, “I don’t know why you argue with me when you just end up agreeing anyway.”

Dash clutched the arms of the sofa nervously. The need to let it out almost invalidated the fact that his younger brother was watching. He just had to accept that it was coming out and going into his diaper regardless, and this was far better than sleeping in it.

“Here we are, baby’s first poop,” Chase said seemingly randomly, until Dash realised he was being recorded again. He wanted to whine, and plead, but it would surely only make the footage even more embarrassing for him.

Instead, Dash let go as much as he pushed, and with an uncontrollable grunt-comewhimper, his diaper filled up at the seat, faster than he could push it out. It was a truly powerless experience, having held it for so long, that once the barriers released, his body forced it out under the pretence of ‘control’. Wave after wave, his diaper filled, spreading, a great mushy lump between his cheeks.

Almost out of breath, paws clutching the sofa, he looked up red-faced to signal he was done, giving the camera quite the shot of his exasperated face, he realised.

Chase wasn’t done though.”

Draw and everything by Gordo


Aww poor thing the first messy diaper is always something new and sometime it can be bad. And from the conversation they are having it sounds like they wear some embarrassing moment recorded on a phone :(

Someone sure have a very strong power over someone here between this two brothers.

Messy Cowgirl

Messy Cowgirl The diaper messing husky belongs to MasterLeo

Draw by overflo207


Poor girl looks like she really needs to put some good push here to get out the messy stuff in here system. It really seems to be a pretty hard task to be doing right now :(

But i bet she is going to feel so relief when she is finish and empty here bowel into the waiting diaper.

Paci Cowgirl

Paci Cowgirl

The little husky cub is being pacified ^//////@////^

As all good puppies need after a long day, riding through the ranch, in a cute cowgirl outfit.

The cute little husky belongs to masterleo

Draw and above text by OverFlo207


It sure seems like we have one happy cowboy girl here :)

Or maybe she is so happy to be allow to be sucking on here pacifier :)


Busted!honestly I dunno what all the fuss is about. He’s just wearing it for convenience.

Husky belongs to huskers

Draw and above text by airwolf1987


Yes it sure is pretty convenience to be wearing a good diaper during your computer game hours :)

It sure is good to be sitting there focus on your game and the same time release your bladder content into the waiting diaper.

They have Emerged!

They have Emerged!

Order by Jayferret

Draw by Catmonkshiro


At least one of them needs to have a break now to be able to have a opportunity to change that messy and wet diaper that he recently end up whit :)

Giggle he sure is blushing big time about this. Maybe he is not use to end up using his diaper in the public yet :(

But it sure was a good thing it was there only hope he have bring some spare diaper whit him ;)