Humiliation – My ABDL Life

Public diaper embarrassment for Island

This is so fucking embarrassing. My pants and underwear were completely ruined that Milano (aka dad) had to throw them away. Now he’s walking me out of the store with this damned diaper on display for everyone to see. I hear the snickers and see the shocked looks as I keep trying to tug my jersey down to hide this bulky thing. Milano seems perfectly happy with this whole situation. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to worry about wet car seats or something. God I want to crawl into a hole and not come out for YEARS! Hope no one I know sees this.

characters and text by Island

Draw by Blankie https://blankieplush.tumblr.com/

Aww poor Island i think that unfortunately allot of other furry noted your padded state :( Special when Milano have you walk in the middle of the shopping center wearing only a t-shirt and diapers. I hope the situation is going to be over soon for this poor boy.

Big Baby Tori

Big Baby ToriDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22920729/

Aww looks like this girl is in some big trouble now when she dont can take off here own diaper.

She sure is in one humiliated position now :(

Now everyone can she when here diaper butt is expending from the messy load that she releases into the waiting diaper.

Diaperfur/Babyfur Comic: Now where to run

Now where to runAwww poor SnowtheBear debbies got her paws on him and has him wrapped around her paw in a matter of moments. Debbies good at that.

The poor furry SnowtheBear

Draw and text by BabyStar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22668022/

Poor SnowtheBear it really seems like he have ended up in a very blushing situation here.

Wounder how long he is going to be forced to stay in this outfit and wear that male chastity cage ?

I bet it is going to be for a wile now. Special now when debbies have the control now.

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 15

o sonho da caixa de areia, página 15Yure: My nappy!
Vitória: It’s filthy, you won’t need it anymore.

Vitória: Next time you need help, bring me your government support, dammed leftist!

Yure: How humiliating… all that wanted was help, but being stepped on was all that I managed to get.

Yure: I still have to pee, but at least now I can just piss on a bush…

Draw and everything by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22663120/

Poor Yure it still seems like he is having some big trouble. At least he is out of that wet and soggy diapers. But what happen whit his footed pajamas?

In for a loonngg night..

 In for a loonngg night..Draw and everything by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22632733/

It seems like this is going to be a long and scary night for this boy :(

All bondage up in his crib sucking on his pacifier.

Wounder what is scary?

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 14

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 14Yure: I can’t believe I endured 13 pages.
ah… ah…
Vitória: It’s easy to open… I think Untitled didn’t open because he’s evil.

Yure: Wow, even the pain softened… Thanks, Vitória… But it’s still…

Vitória and Yure: Urgent! (?)
(Their speech bubbles share the same space because it’s the same word, but Yure is exclaiming and Vitória is questioning.)
Yure: Yes…

Vitória: Since I know you are communist
Yure: Socialist!
Vitória: I won’t ask for money because you don’t have it. You will pay with something else.

Vitória: Your dignity!

Draw and everything by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22622422/

Looks like he got the help he was looking for. But it sure seems like something happen that he did dent expected :(

Poor thing :( Now he is standing there naked.