Babyfur Comic: Pierce’s Date

Babyfur Comic: Pierce's Date

Pierce still doesn’t like diapers, thinks they’re gross/stupid/undignified, all that stuff. Buuut, there is an angle he had never thought about with them.
Or maybe he had. I’m not an expert on Freudian slips.
Either way, he’s got a safeword, so…maybe just see how the rest of the date plays out…

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro


Poor Pierce he sure have ended up in one special date here whit this Sylveon. That i sure wounder how she is going to play this?

What is going to happen when Pierce needs to go potty? Is he going to be force to use his thick diaper and maybe even Sylveon is going to force him to use it. That sure is some special question that we maybe is going to get a answer on at some point :)




Ame’s brother was out for the weekend, so one of his college classmates generously offered to babysit his little brother.
Of course Ame insisted he could stay up late and watch scary movies since it was so close to halloween, turns out really can’t since he wet himself at the first jumpscare.

Draw and everything by RainyKirin


Even if Ame’s brother have some trouble handling scary movie and end up wetting himself during there movie time. It is nothing to worry about because i think the diaper that he is wearing sure seems to be thick enough to handle a couple of wetting :)

So everything should be fine :)

Babyfur Comic: Snowwhere to run part 2

Babyfur Comic:  Snowwhere to run part 2Looks like SnowtheBear has had a lovely day after all and he does make a very cute girl.

Order by SnowtheBear

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like everything turn out great after all :)

But it seems like she still ended up trowing a pretty big surprise at him. Now she is forcing him to waddling home wearing that thick diaper. How is his boy cloths going to fit over that thick diaper? This sure is going to be a problem :(

That sure is something we need to wait and see when the next page get released.

Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 2

Draw by Rogeykun and Tato


They sure is up for a pretty blushing and embarrassing moment here. And i think its going to be even more blushing and embarrassing after they are finish whit there bottle. It sure seems like them both are very close to be using there thick diapers.

When that happen the children is going to have even more to laugh about :(

Poor thing they sure is not going to have a fun Halloween.

VC_Wolffe Crib

VC_Wolffe CribPoor bunny, looks like he’ll be there for awhile.

YCH order by VC_Wolffe

Draw and above text by Myoti


Yes it sure seems like this bunny have ended up in a special embarrassing moment here :( And now when the wolf is tacking some photos of him bondage in that crib he sure have some powerful things to blackmail him whit.

Olivia and the magic nursery

Olivia and the magic nursery

The arrival of a new babysitter at a certain teddy bears’ nursery takes an unexpectedly fluffy and crinkly turn.

Originally posted on The Cushy Pen

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room


Yes it sure seems like this magic automatic nursery decided to take good care of this new babysitter :)

It is amazing that the robot nursery was able to find some good diapers that was able to fit this big baby :) But the new baby dont seems to be so happy about the result :(