INTO THISOrder by fullmetal53

Draw by minum


Poor Chuckie looks like he dont want to be wearing diapers any more :(

Wounder how Tommy manage to get Chuckie to start wearing diapers again?

But he sure look match cuter whit a diaper between his legs :)

Aito Pants’d

Aito Pants'd

Oh no! Mitch caught Aito in the hall and now everyone knows what Aito wears!

Draw and everything by Blankie


Awww poor Aito looks like his biggest fear have come true :(

Way would Mitch decide to do something like this? Have he suspect that Aito still needs to wear diapers?

From the look on his face it seems like he know what he was going to find when he pull this fox pants down.

Skunks off to Training

Skunks off to Training
Scentus and Katie have been caught breaking Skunker Law, and are in for quite the punishment, even beyond the humiliation they are already experiencing.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to kitkiama and Scentus

Above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes i sure think that Scentus and Katie is in for allot more blushing and embarrassing situation during there punishment. And it seems like the two that is going to care for them have allot of things planed. That sure dont sounds so good :(

What more embarrassing and blushing is going to happen?


Kicks Teasing Mayor

Kicks Teasing Mayor

Kicks is teasing his Mayor, calling him a baby and such, and has somehow gotten the Gabriel to even make a messy in his diaper, as a baby would.

T////////w/////T Incredible….I must find the secret to get all my friends to make oopsies in their pampers.

This is a reward drawing for Gabriel made by OverFlo207

Text by OverFlo207

OverFlo207 have a Patreon if you wish to get something draw for $5 ^^


Yes the Mayor do seems to be pretty busy right now making a big mess into his diaper. But i bet it feels good to release the pressure and feel that big mess spread around inside your diaper :)

Someone sure going to have a stinky job to get this clean up lather on.

Tricked into Diapers Chapters 12, 13 and 14

This story is written by tammie2


Tom lay in his crib, impatient and uncomfortable. Nancy had left an hour earlier, telling Lisa she wouldn’t be home until very late. Tom was damp when she left, and the bottles of juice and formula he drank that afternoon had now soaked his diaper all the way through. The heavy cloth sagged against his leg and squished when he moved, releasing pee onto his bare shin to trickle back into the diaper. The smell of baby powder mixed with pee hung heavily in the air. And if that weren’t bad enough, his dinner was overdue.
Tom could tell that Lisa was home because he heard her moving around downstairs. As he listened more closely, though, he got confused. It seemed like she was in more than one room at a time. Finally, she started up the stairs. Tom’s eyes opened wide with horror. The stairs were busy with feet. Lisa was not alone.
The door to the nursery flew open and Tom flushed crimson with embarrassment. Tagging along with Lisa were two other girls her age. One was tall with long dark hair and a chest to die for, unrestrained by a bra under a light pink t-shirt. The other was blond and also very beautiful, wearing a low-cut top and shorts which did little to hide her firm buttocks. They were being led closed-eyed to the side of Tom’s crib.
“And this is the little stinker I have to stay home with tonight,” Lisa said, almost with pride.
The girls opened their eyes, dropped their mouths open and together began giggling uncontrollably. The dark-haired beauty regained her composure first. “He is just too cute, Lisa. But isn’t he a little, um, old to be wearing diapers?”
“He wouldn’t be wearing them if he didn’t need them,” Lisa replied. “Here, I’ll show you.” Lisa pulled the front of Tom’s plastic panties down, releasing a strong whiff of powder and urine. She then playfully pushed down on his yellowed crotch, squishing his diaper loudly. The two visitors suppressed more giggles.
“I see what you mean” the blond one said, smiling. “Shouldn’t we change him? He’d be more comfortable, and…” here she pinched her nose.. “I’d probably enjoy his company a lot more too.”
“All right, why don’t we do it right here in his crib,” Lisa said, amused at Tom’s wide, disbelieving eyes. “Toni, do you want the honors? Don’t worry, Patti, there’ll be lots of other chances before the night is through.”
Toni lowered the side of the crib, reaching for a clean diaper with her other hand. She then set baby wipes near Tom’s chest and put two diaper pins in her mouth. Carefully, she inched the dripping panties off of Tom’s legs and dropped them into the diaper pail. As she bent over to reach the pin on Tom’s right side, her long dark hair fell in his face. He could see her breasts, nipples firm, as her t-shirt fell open. She dawdled there, as if teasing him. His penis began to grow hard.
Soon Toni straightened up and removed the other pin. She lowered Tom’s diaper, revealing his excitement. “I see Baby likes to get his didies changed,” she taunted as the other girls smirked. “Don’t get any ideas, little one. Nothing that sits in wet diapers all day is getting close to my pussy. Besides, I’m afraid if you got too excited you’d poop your panties.”
The girls laughed as Tom’s penis collapsed under the humiliation. Toni took a baby wipe and carefully, thoroughly cleaned Tom’s penis, balls and bottom, sticking her wipe-covered finger far up his ass. She then took his diaper by a corner, holding it at arm’s length.
“This must be the wettest, heaviest, smelliest diaper I’ve ever changed, and I’ve done a lot of babysitting,” she claimed. She let it go above the diaper pail and Tom heard a loud ‘plop.’ “I think we’d better put a couple of them on this time.”
Toni lifted Tom’s legs and laid not two but three clean diapers under his bottom. She didn’t spare the baby powder, and sensuously rubbed it into his crotch. Tom’s organ, humiliated once, did not respond. He began to feel truly babyish; non-sexual. He closed his eyes as she snapped the pins shut.
“There, now, isn’t that better?” Toni cooed. “Lisa, what do we put him in now?”
“You’ve got to dress him up!” Patti interjected. “After all, you do have company.”
“I don’t know…” Lisa said thoughtfully. Her eyes suddenly brightened. “Wait a minute, I’ll be right back.” Lisa ran from the room then returned moments later with a lacy white baby-doll nightie trimmed with pink ribbons. “My aunt gave me this when I was 13. Isn’t it just awful?”
“But just perfect for our little baby!” Patti exclaimed. “Come on now, little Tommie, sit up so Aunt Patti can dress you.” As she spoke, she pulled Tom close to her chest and lifted him into sitting position. “Lift your arms now.”
Tom did as he was told. He hoped that by cooperating with the girls, they wouldn’t notice that he had already wet his diapers. In all of the excitement, he hadn’t even been aware that he was peeing. Patti pulled the nightgown over his head and helped his arms through the puffy sleeves.
The girls looked at their little baby girl. Toni frowned. “Something’s missing—I know!” Tom couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Toni pulled her jeans down in front of him, revealing a pair of pink satin panties. He stared as Toni stepped out of her pants and took off her panties. She left the pants on the floor as she stepped over to the crib. Her pussy glistened in front of him.
“Lay back, Baby.” Tom lay down as Toni turned to put the panties on him, showing a firm, rounded bottom. Tom blushed as this girl/woman pulled her pink panties up his legs, stretching them over his diapers. “Don’t you wet these,” she whispered in his ear as she snapped the waistband. Unabashed, she stepped back into her jeans and pulled them up over her naked bottom, slowly re-buttoning them at the waist.
Tom was so focused on Toni that he hadn’t seen Patti remove her makeup kit from her purse. She was on him before he could resist, applying a powder puff to his face. She then streaked his cheeks with a liquid rouge, rubbing in to give his face a pinkish glow. Lisa added her touch by combing Tom’s hair to a peak, then fastening it with a large pink ribbon. The girls smiled as they stepped back.
“Much better!” They all said at once.
“Only one problem,” Patti said, frowning. “‘Tom’ isn’t a very appropriate name for someone who wears frilly dresses, pink panties and hair bows. What about ‘Tami’?”
The girls loved it. Lowering their new baby girl out of her crib, they ordered her to crawl downstairs after them. Tom/Tami knew that he, or she, had no choice.


When Tom reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw Lisa positioning his high chair in the middle of the kitchen floor. Patti was next to her, holding a new pink and yellow terrycloth bib. Tom wondered where Toni was until he felt a firm pat on his pantied bottom.
“C’mon, little girl, it’s din-din time. Auntie Toni and Auntie Patti will take care of you.”
Tom grimaced as he was snapped tight into the high chair. Patti teased him about keeping his pretty frills clean as she tied the bib around his neck, while Lisa and Toni pulled leftover food from the refrigerator. Tom saw half of a sweet potato, an old, over-ripe pear, some baked chicken, a container of yogurt and several other containers of food he couldn’t identify. He watched with disbelieving eyes as the girls dumped all of it into the blender.
“Keep it a little chunky,” Lisa told Toni, who was working the controls. “She’s learning to chew a little.”
The whirr of the blended ended, and the girls poured a thick, greenish-brown foul-smelling mess into a baby dish. Lisa heated it to warm in the microwave, then set it in front of Tom. She handed a spoon to Patti.
“Open wide for the airplane Tami” Patti squealed as she shoved a heaping spoon at Tom’s mouth. With his first taste, he was repulsed. He tried to push the food back out, but Patti was too quick with the spoon. As soon as he’d open his mouth to push it out, she would shove more in, scraping whatever dripped onto his chin back in along with it. Before long, it seemed less painful to swallow the awful mixture than to let it keep building up in his cheeks. He gave in.
“She likes it!” Toni cried derisively. “But our little baby girl is so messy.” Toni lifted the bib and wiped Tom’s face with it. She smiled at him as he blushed.
Dinner lasted an eternity. The three girls took turns feeding their charge, teasing him as they fed. The dinner dish seemed to have an endless bottom, but finally Tom heard the scraping of the last bits. He ate it eagerly.
Tom’s moment of triumph was short-lived. He felt a strong gurgle in his bowels and knew he would soon soil his diapers. He couldn’t imagine what humiliations his three babysitters would put him through and tried desperately to think of a way to avoid it. He decided to bold from the chair and leave the house as soon as the tray table of his high chair was removed. Whatever consequences he suffered, they couldn’t be as bad as having three teenage girls see him dirty his diaper.
No sooner did he make his decision, though, than he lost control and pooped heavily. Tom silently cursed his weakened sphincter. Since being put into diapers a few weeks earlier, the time between his awareness of his need to pee or poop and his accidents had decreased to almost nothing. He knew now that he actually needed his babyish protection.
As Tom considered his curse, Toni removed the tray table while Patti untied the soiled bib. Both girls stopped suddenly and looked at each other, then over at Lisa. For a moment, for Tom at least, time stood still.
“I think our little girl just left a surprise in the bottom of her diaper,” Toni said, making a face.
“I didn’t know she used her diapers for everything,” Patti told Lisa. “And this one smells pretty bad. We’ll wait down here while you change her.”
“Now wait just a minute, ladies,” Lisa replied. “When you agree to help babysit, it includes the whole bit, dirty diapers included. We need to decide who gets the honor. Any ideas?”
“Yep,” Toni said, smiling as she pulled three mixing bowls out of the cabinet. Here’s the rules. First, we drink a few beers. In an hour or so, we each pee into a bowl. Whoever pees the least loses and has to change Tami. By that time, she should be a real pleasure to be near.”
The other girls agreed, and Patti pulled Tom down from the high chair. As he crawled to the playpen, his poop smeared against his bottom; sitting down, it pushed everywhere. He was miserable. He began to cry softly as he heard three cans of beer opened in the kitchen.


An hour and a half later, Tom was still sitting in his playpen, unchanged. The girls were all drunk and giddy, and had teased him mercilessly. The air was heavy with the smell of pee, poop and beer. Tom’s whole diaper area was itchy and sore, and for the first time he began to wonder whether an adult could get diaper rash. He was relieved when Lisa entered the living room carrying a rubber sheet.
“Ok, girls, we’re ready.” Lisa was slurring her words a bit. “But let’s make the stakes more interesting. Whoever loses not only changes Tami, she has to wear Toni’s panties and some rubber pants the rest of the night.” She smiled, knowing that the pink panties covering Tom’s diapers would be well-perfumed by now.
The others giggled and readily assented. Without another word, each one stripped from the waist down and squatted over one of the bowls from the kitchen. Tom couldn’t believe what he was watching. Slowly, each girl began to urinate into their bowl, pausing occasionally to check their progress. The odor of warm, fresh pee drifted up Tom’s nose as the sound of light splashing filled his ears. He watched as the yellow contents of each bowl rose toward the top. Lisa finished first and jiggled her hips to get the last few drops out. Toni and Patti soon did the same.
“The moment of truth!” Toni exclaimed happily as she moved the bowls together. The three half-naked girls bent over the bowls, eyeing them closely. Lisa’s rear end hung inches from Tom’s face.
“We have a winner!” Lisa squealed, and Tom could tell from the flush on Patti’s face that she would be changing him soon. Focusing on Patti’s distraught expression, he didn’t see Lisa come up behind him. He suddenly felt the back of his diaper pulled open and turned just as Lisa poured the contents of her bowl inside. Seconds later, Toni did the same in his front. His already saturated diaper was now filled past its limit, and a trickle of pee ran out of his crotch, puddling beneath him.
“Not fair!” Patti screamed, seeing the dark stain spread over Toni’s precious panties. But she knew she was doomed. Lisa pushed Tom down and pulled his legs up in the air, pulling the wet panties off. She help them carefully at arm’s length, handing them to a blushing Patti. Toni appeared with a pair of white rubber pants.
Patti took the panties and carefully stepped into them. Pulling them up tight, the wet bottom clung to her ass and drips of pee fell from the crotch. Quickly, she pulled the large rubber panties on. The other girls squealed with delight. Even Patti managed a smile.
“Ok, let’s get this over with,” she said, grimacing. The three girls lifted Tom up and had him step into a pair of light yellow plastic panties to avoid further messing the carpet. As he crawled toward the stairs, the overloaded diaper hung heavily toward the floor. Tom found it difficult to move. Only the prospect of getting into a clean diaper helped him make it up the stairs and onto the changing table. Lisa and Toni hung back as Patti approached the table.
“Ok, Tami, let’s see if you’ve been a good little girl,” she said as she stuck a finger inside his elastic leg. “Oh, my! It seems like you’ve filled your didie with nasties. And your bottom is so stinky! You really should learn to use the potty, young girl. What will the boys think when they put their hand down your pants at the movies and get peed on?”
Lisa and Toni giggled loudly. Tom knew that the sight of a teenage girl in wet panties and rubber pants changing a mature male in a frilly negligee must be quite a sight.
“Now, let’s pull your pretty dress up so that it doesn’t get soiled. There. Lift your legs like a good girl, that’s right. These panties are so wet. And look at your didies! You’d think you hadn’t been changed in a week. I don’t know how we’ll ever get those stains out.”
Tom grimaced as Patti unpinned one side of his diaper. She was concentrating heavily on her task, her tongue tucked in the corner of her mouth. As she opened the diaper and pulled it down, a blast of noxious odor hit her in the face. She looked at Tom accusingly.
“Tami, you have been such a bad girl. Pooping your panties like a little baby. Wait until your mommy finds out.” Patti continued the change, wiping Tom thoroughly with an endless supply of wipes. Tom’s penis remained flaccid as Patti cleaned it, calling it his “little clitty.” After ten or fifteen minutes, Tom finally found himself clean, powdered and re-diapered, his bottom stinging badly. Lisa and Toni joined Patti with much applause and began a ceremonial carrying of the diaper to the pail. They all then returned to the table and carried Tom to the crib. Leaving him in his dress and hair ribbons, the girls tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. Tom heard them giggling and laughing long into the night.

This story is written by tammie2

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Tricked into Diapers Chapters 8

This story is written by tammie2


Tom sat back in a chair in Sherry’s living room, feigning interest in the discussion. They had been there nearly an hour, but the discussion never strayed from babies, and Sherry’s daughter in particular. Tom looked at the baby, who was chewing a puzzle piece in her playpen. If you only knew what was being talked about, Tom thought, you’d blush. At least half an hour had been spent on your toilet habits, or rather lack of them. Better you than me, he thought.
Tom turned back to the conversation, which now centered on breast-feeding. He leaned forward a little as Sherry began to describe her breasts, taking interest as she actually fondled one while describing different positions she used. Suddenly, though, he sat back. His bowels began to gurgle and he could feel his sphincter muscle begin to contract. Slowly, but clearly, a BM was moving down Tom’s tract without any conscious effort on his part. Tom sat still and constricted his muscle, temporarily halting the movement. He looked at the clock—not quite halfway there. The strain was uncomfortable but, he thought, manageable. He just wouldn’t move much. At that point he noticed that his bladder was aching, much as it had earlier that morning at breakfast. It had to be psychological. He was just thinking about this bodily functions too much.
Five minutes later, the pain was getting worse. Tom began to sweat; he’d never make it at this rate. But going to use the bathroom was the same as surrender, an open path to daytime diapers. He’d have to take his chances and gut it out.
To his horror, he felt his bowels resume their activity. As he switched his concentration to them to halt the BM’s movement, his bladder cried louder for relief. He felt first one drop of pee, then two, escape into his diaper. He had to stop it. Quickly he moved his legs together to pressure his penis between them. The sudden movement, however, released the pressure on his bowels and before he could stop them, a large, loose clump of poop rushed from his bottom. In a panic now, Tom switched his efforts once more to try to control his bowels. As his legs’ grasp on his penis released, his bladder opened and a gusher of warm urine rushed into the front of his diaper. In seconds the front was flooded and the pee travelled back through his crotch and puddle under his bottom, where wave after wave of mushy poop settled and before pushing back in the direction the pee had come from. In thirty seconds it was over. Tom sat still, unsure what had hit him or what to do next. The slightest movement pushed his dirty diaper up into his crack and his poop farther up the front of his diaper. The pee remained a puddle, unable to soak into the oversaturated diaper. Tom was miserable.
“But at this point I’m ready to wean her,” Sherry said, looking at her child. As she did so, she sniffed the air and made a face. “Oh, dear. It never fails. Whenever I have company she messes herself. I’ll be right back.”
Sherry lifted her baby out of the playpen and began to carry her out of the room. She paused, put her nose close to the child’s rear and sniffed again. Puzzled, she pulled back the panties and diaper and looked down the baby’s backside, then put her hand down as far as she could. Nothing. She turned back and faced her guests.
“Must’ve been a false alarm. Her gas usually doesn’t smell quite so strong, though. I can still smell it. In fact, it seems to be getting more powerful.”
Tom sank deeper into the chair, wishing that it could swallow him out of the room. He could feel his face flush crimson as both women looked in his direction. Any hope of concealing his accident was gone.
“Tom, could you come over here a minute,” Nancy said sternly. “I think we need to check something.” Reluctantly, Tom got out of the chair and walked over to Nancy. As he did so, he could feel the pool of pee escape from his plastic pants and run down his leg, soaking his jeans.
“Well, look at this, Sherry. I think our big boy here has had a nasty accident. And to think that you blamed your own baby!” As she spoke, Nancy deftly unbuckled Tom’s pants and pulled them down to his ankles, unleashing a powerful odor. The bulge from the poop was obvious and the pee glistened on his leg. He stood silently as Sherry circled him, looked at his diapered crotch and wearing an amazed expression.
“Nancy, you didn’t tell me you had a baby living with you! No wonder you were so interested in diapering routines and toilet habits. You’re out of practice! You have so much to relearn. First of all, you shouldn’t keep little Tommie in such a messy diaper—he’ll get a rash for sure. Besides…” Sherry held her nose…”we don’t want the EPA at our door. Where are his extra diapers?”
Nancy frowned. “I’m afraid I didn’t bring any…I know, new mother’s mistake. I’ll have to run home to get a fresh supply. Can you watch him for awhile?”
“Don’t leave me!” Tom cried, horrified that he would be left in this condition with a stranger.
“Would you rather go home like that?” Nancy asked with scorn. “I think you’ll do better here. Might as well take these home to wash.” As she spoke, Nancy pulled off his jeans, shoes and socks, leaving Tom standing in the middle of the room in nothing but a t-shirt to cover his shame.
“I’d be happy to babysit,” Sherry said. “Let me just put the other baby down for a nap.”
When Sherry returned, she was carrying a cotton changing pad and some diaper pins. She smiled at Nancy. “Don’t want our little poopy pants leaking all over the place before you get back. Lay down on the pad, Tommie.” When he did so, she pulled it up between his legs over the plastic pants and pinned in snugly. Nancy looked approvingly before walking out the door.
“OK, baby, up and into the playpen. You’ll stay out of trouble there while I make us something to eat.” Sherry grabbed Tommie under the arms and helped him up and over the sides of the playpen. Tommie cringed as he sat down once more on his dirty bottom. Sherry saw him wince. “Don’t worry baby,” she whispered softly. “You’ll get used to the feel of wet, dirty diapers. After a week or so, you won’t even know you need changing.”
Tom’s eyes opened wide with horror as Sherry left the room. What had he done? More importantly, how could he get out of it? No answers came to mind. He sat in his mess, miserable and confused, until Sherry walked back into the room.
“OK, baby, lunch time” she said cheerfully. “Come on out and over to the couch while I feed you.” Tom looked around for the food; he was a little hungry. All he saw in the room was two bottles if the baby’s formula on the table by the couch. Then it dawned on him—she meant to feed that to him! Only the thought of those pictures of his wet bed got him out of the playpen.
“Just lay down across my lap, like this,” Sherry cooed. “Now open wide for your ba-ba.” As the nipple entered his mouth, Tom gagged. The formula was warm and sweet, yet awful. Sherry’s face grew stern as she warned him to finish both bottles.
It took a long time until Tom learned how to best suck on the nipple, but he eventually finished the first bottle. The warmth of the fluids and Sherry’s body nest to his made his drowsy. He closed his eyes, waiting for the second bottle.
“Open up, little one,” he heard Sherry say. As he closed his mouth around the second bottle, his eyes opened in surprise. This wasn’t the bottle. He looked down at Sherry’s warm, naked breast next to his cheek, her nipple well inside his mouth. Tentatively, he began to suckle. Sherry’s milk flowed into his mouth and down his throat, strangely comforting. His embarrassment gave way to a sort of peaceful relaxation, his mind for once filled with pleasant and vaguely sexual thoughts. He nursed eagerly at first, then slowly and methodically as the milk came more slowly. He was not aware of the passage of time and continued to suck even as he fell into a light sleep.
A sudden, bright flash awoke him. As he turned toward the flash, exposing Sherry’s ample tit, another flash blinded him. As his vision cleared, he saw Nancy hovering over him, camera in hand.
“What a nice pose for your friends, little baby. Just in case you decide to do something rash,” Nancy snickered.
“Speaking of rashes,” Sherry said as she hooked up her nursing bra, “I think it’s time for a change. We can use the nursery. I converted an old table to a changing table and it’s a pretty sturdy one. Do you want me to do it?”
Nancy nodded, smiling. The three headed upstairs and into the nursery. As they entered, the smell of talcum powder filled the air. Before he knew what happened. Tom was lifted onto the changing table and strapped down. His ankles hung over the end. Nancy pulled several fresh diapers out of the bag she brought and handed them to Sherry. Sherry unpinned the outer pad, leaving it under Tom’s bottom, then pulled his panties down to his ankles. Tom was horrified to see that Nancy was intent on photographing the entire diaper change.
“There, there, baby, don’t be upset. Auntie Sherry will get you all cleaned up. Let’s get you our of this stinky, sopping wet didie.” Sherry unpinned both sides, lowered the front of the diaper and quickly placed a clean diaper over Tom’s penis. She winked at Nancy. “You’ve got to be careful with boys. They pee all the time during diaper changes.”
Sherry lifted the heavy diaper off the table. Tom could see that it was stained almost completely yellow and was carrying a large load. Sherry held it at arm’s length and ran it to the bathroom, dropping it into the toilet. Returning to Tom’s side, she grabbed a handful of baby wipes. “You’ve got to be careful to get every crease and crevice,” she told Nancy as she wiped Tom’s bottom. “Also, be sure to get the tip of his pee-pee to avoid uncomfortable rashes.”
Tom looked away as she cleaned his penis and bit his lip when she moved to his balls. She seemed to be spending a long time handling them. For a brief second he began to get aroused, then remembered his situation and lost all interest. If the women noticed his momentary excitement, they ignored it.
“Now, you obviously have a heavy wetter,” Sherry continued, “so you need to double-diaper him. I’d also suggest adding another diaper in the front as a soaker.” As she spoke, Sherry placed two bright, white diapers underneath Tom, keeping the one diaper over his penis. She then proceeded to sprinkle powder all over his crotch before moving to his bottom and up over his stomach. Quickly, then, she folded the diaper covering Tom’s penis, placed it inside the two diapers and pulled them up tight. Out of nowhere she produced two large yellow diaper pins, pinning the diapers snugly.
“That should soak up most of what he wets,” Sherry said. “But you still want to be careful that he doesn’t ruin your furniture or clothing. Do you have another pair of panties? The old pair smells pretty bad.”
Nancy produced a pair of plastic pants larger than the first pair. She deftly put Tom’s feet through the leg openings and pulled them up, lifting Tom’s bottom to secure them. The panties were tight around the waist and legs, but ballooned far out from the diaper. Tom blushed at how much that reminded him of small babies he had seen and at how much harder they’d be to hide. The two women now both stood over him, smiling down at his diapered, pantied bottom.
“After everything that came out the back end, little Tommie must be pretty hungry,” Sherry remarked. “Would it be okay to start him on solids?”
“I think that would be a fine idea,” Nancy smirked. “Let’s go.”
Nancy helped Tom up off the changing table and headed toward the stairs with her new baby behind her. With his first steps, Tom realized that his legs wouldn’t come together. The thick padding of the diapers in his crotch forced his legs apart and made him toddle as he moved. Worse, the plastic panties crackled loudly with every small motion he made. He heard Sherry suppress a giggle behind him.
As he entered the kitchen, he saw Nancy removing the tray from the baby’s high chair. It took him a moment to realize that the women meant for him to sit there.
“Oh, no. Wait just a minute,” he blurted. “No way I’m going to—”
Before he could finish his protest, Sherry and Nancy grabbed his arms and pulled him down onto the chair, quickly snapping the tray into place tight against his body, locking his arms down at his side. Tom was helpless to move.
“I think it’s time to set the ground rules,” Nancy said sternly, standing menacingly over him. “so that you don’t get any ideas about getting out of here or changing your circumstances. You are now my baby, short and simple. That means you are at my complete command. You will wear diapers 24 hours a day, using them for all of your potty needs. You may not use the toilet at any time. Furthermore, you are not old enough to tell us when your didie needs changing. You will just have to stay in your messes until someone decides to change you.”
“You will also be prohibited from making any adult decisions,” Nancy continued. “Which means that we will decide what you wear, what you eat, when you sleep and so on. All communication must be in baby talk, you must crawl unless otherwise permitted to walk, and you must at all times act as the infant you are. Any objection or defiance will be met by swift, and I should say embarrassing, punishment appropriate for any naughty child. I suggest you don’t test us on this.
When I feel the time is right, we will begin your potty training. I promise we’ll make every effort to train you before you go home at the end of the summer, but that depends on how you behave. You will be a good little baby, won’t you?” Nancy winked at Sherry as she spoke.
“Of course, there will be no way to hide your problem from Lisa any longer.” Tom blushed as Nancy said this, but kept the obscenities from flowing out of his mouth. “In fact, I will rely on her to help me with your daily care. All of the feedings, baths and diaper changes are a lot for only one woman to handle, as Sherry could tell you. We may even need a babysitter once in a while.”
“Your life as a baby will also be documented on film. At this point, we won’t let anyone in your hometown know about your problem keeping your panties clean and dry. If you get out of line, though, these pictures would make some amusing viewing for your friends at home.”
“Oh, and one more thing,” Nancy said, smiling as she produced an oversized terrycloth bib with pictures of pink and yellow baby animals on it. “You must address me as ‘Mommy’ at all times. Shall we have lunch, Baby Tommie?”
Tom sat in the high chair, mortified. For the first time in memory, he was not in control of a situation, and had no solution. He desperately wanted to cry out as Nancy fastened the bib around his neck, but held back. He needed time to think. All he could do now was go along until an idea came to him.
“Now, open wide for the airplane,” Nancy cooed. As Tom opened his mouth, Nancy shoveled a heaping spoonful of baby peas into him. Tom’s taste buds immediately revolted and he shoved the peas back out with his tongue, feeling them run down his chin. Nancy was quick with the spoon, however, and she scooped them back up into his mouth a second time. “Now, now Tommie, you have to eat your peas. We have two more jars after this one.” As she spoke, Nancy dabbed Tom’s chin with his bib. “Then maybe Auntie Sherry will let you nurse a little more.”
Tom finished the peas with great difficulty, resenting Nancy’s obvious relish at smearing the food all over his face. He was relieved to be released from the chair and led, crawling, to the living room. Nancy propped him up on Sherry’s lap as Sherry exposed her breast. Anxious to get the taste of peas out of his mouth, Tom eagerly took the tit into his mouth, much to the women’s delight. He ignored their taunts as he sucked the warm milk.
Suddenly, his contentment disappeared. All the distractions had covered up the ache in his bladder. He had to pee badly. He tried to turn away to tell his needs, but Sherry forced his head back deep into her bosom. No other choice, Tom thought. He released the flow of pee slowly but could soon feel the gusher flood his diaper. It seemed to never end as it soaked the front, then the crotch and finally the rear of his diaper. The relief was tremendous and he resumed sucking with vigor. A few minutes later, he felt Sherry’s hand go inside his panties and press against the front of his sopping diaper. She smirked.
“I think Baby Tommie has taken to his didies quite nicely. He’s soaked. When he drains my milk, we’ll change him.”
“Okay, Sherry,” Nancy replied, looking at her watch. “Then I think it’s time to go home for his nap.”

This story is written by tammie2

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