Nowi Green – Comic Page 7

Nowi Green - Comic Page 7Page 7 of The Adventures of Nowi Green and her lovable huggable puppy bro, Fwo. ^~^
Ok, I think sissy has waited long enough. It’s time to let the floodgates open X3
Fwo loves his “wet” big sister.

But is this the end??? I don’t see any “The End” signs tattooed on our booties.

Order by NowiGreen

Draw and text by OverFlo207

Aww looks like even the girl know the right way on using here diaper :)

Looks like she really flooding the diaper now :) What a good girl we have here.

Nawt.. a stink butt…

Nawt.. a stink butt...

Honestly though, he’s a bit of a stinky butt right now, but I’m huggling him anyway and reassuring him that it’s all okies.

Furry s in this drawing Charry and Ursa-Mina

Text by Ursa-Mina

Draw by Charry


Yes it is always good whit a hug special if you have ended up whit a stinky diaper. Then a hug can feel very nice and special so you know that everything is okay even if you have ended up whit a messy stinky diaper.

Hugging David

Hugging Davidjust anything fast and cute for show

Text, bunny and drawing by ConejoBlanco


This two bunny’s look so happy together and it seems like the girl rabbit have a very nice and happy time now when she decide to hug David.

Hugging is one of the cutes thing you can do to show that you like someone.

Size Reversal

Size Reversal
Normally, Tavi is smaller than Ozzie, even though Tavi is older. However, the two thought it would be fun if they swapped sizes, so Ozzie worked his magic and made it so. Now Tavi has a tiny Ozzie he can cuddle like a plushy.

Ozzie and text by OzzieKitSkunk

Tavi: TaviMunk

This cute pic was done by Nelson88. Thanks Nelson and Victor!


This is a super cute pic that really show in a good and cozy way how close Tavi and Ozzie is to each other. Most be wonderful to have a friendship like that.

Sleep time for Foxy

Sleep time for FoxyFoxy loves when it get the time for him to go to bed. Do you wont to know way he loves it? It is weary easy to understand way he loves his sleep time. That is the time when he can have his favorite Pikachu plushy close bay that he can sleep and cuddling whit during the night. And if he wakes up from a bad dream that he do some time Pikachu is always close bay ready for some nice snuggling and he is always special soft during that moments. And that is something that Foxy loves allot and that helps most of the time. He is like a extra mommy for Foxy some time when he need something soft and warm.

Pikachu is a weary good sleeping friend :)

Draw by: fangthefox