Party Popper Pamps

Party Popper PampsIt’s Izel birthday party and Voire got her some special “Party Popper” diapers to wear for the day. A few hours later, and Voire, now drunk on apple cider, “accidentally” pulls the popper on Izels Diaper, now the party popper has become the Party Pooper it appears. Izel’s probably going to pull Voire’s once she’s finished filling her pamps.

Order by Half-Awake-Jake

Draw and text by Neko_Neko_Diamata

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It sure seems like Izels sure have make one big messy diaper. Poor thing looks like this dont end up as a good birthday party after all :(

Makeshift pillow

Makeshift pillowBaked by the afternoon sun, the grass served as a warm bed for Starling, the sleepy foal having been kept busy playing in the park with his friend, Patty Cakes since late morning. The energetic filly gave an annoyed huff as her playmate curled up for a nap, only leaving her with a sleepy yawn and a promise to wake up soon to play with her some more. Starling circled a few times in place before curling up in the grass, his head propped up by the root of a young oak tree, and at the other end, his thick diaper crinkled as it found a spot in the grass.

Patty watched the colt’s breathing slow, defeated as she knew it’d be mean to try and wake him up. She looked down and kicked at the grass with a hoof, her tail swishing as she considered a few games she could play by herself until her friend woke up. Those thoughts were interrupted as she let out a long yawn of her own, the now quiet atmosphere and morning of play taking its toll on her and revealing her own sleepy state. Her first thought was to go to the other side of the tree to find a place to rest her head, until her eyes fell on the sleeping unicorn’s well padded rear. A quick conclusion was reached: a tree root didn’t seem nearly as comfortable as a nice soft diaper for a pillow!

Wasting no more time, the pampered filly make a quick waddle to Starling’s rear end, laying down on her side before rolling onto her back, and finally resting her head on her friend’s diapered rump. The sleeping colt didn’t even stir as Patty’s head sunk down into the thick padding. A smile grew on her face as she snuggled up to Starling, joining him in their impromptu nap time, eager for them to wake up and finish the day with an evening of more play.

Draw and everything by Kurikia

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Giggle it sure can be kind of soft to have a poofy diaper butt as a pillow. I only hope that the pink unicorn dont end up whit a messy diaper during there nap time. I bet it is not so nice to sleep on something like that.

Extra credit from Monster school

Extra credit from Monster schoolLooks like Ickis may get that A for this scare.

Staring: gamemaster19863

Draw by jimmy_rumshot

Text by Se7enTiger

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Yes it sure looks like Ickis is going to get some extra credit here. And it sure is a good thing that this pony’s is wearing some good diaper because it sure seems like they are putting there diapers to some pretty good use here.

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Duplication Page 4

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Duplication Page 4Draw and everything by skitterpone

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Like we could suspect that the Starlight diaper ended up in the stinky diaper pail together whit the other diapers that Trixie have used. The sure most be pretty stinky place to be inside a diaper pail.

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Duplication Page 3

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Duplication Page 3Draw and everything by skitterpone

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Awww poor Starlight we sure know where you are right now. Soon the Starlight diaper is going to be well used by Trixy and end up together whit the other diapers in the diaper pail.

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Duplication Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Duplication Page 2Magical mishaps can have consequences.

Draw and everything by skitterpone

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Poor Starlight it sure seems like something have goon horrible wrong whit the diaper duplication spell that she trying to use. Now it seems like she is transforming into a new and clean diaper.

What is going to happen next?

Starlight sure have ended up in a special kind of mess right now.