Having My Cake And Eating It Too

Having My Cake And Eating It TooI think the cake is supposed to go into my mouth but I am having too much fun playing with my food.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by circus-stunts

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17336945/

Yes playing whit food is match to fun. Way it it when you can play whit it instead :)

CM Life is Strange … for Victoria

CM Life is Strange ... for VictoriaMax tries to undo an embarrassing moment, but instead turns back the clock on Victoria. Max can’t help but give Victoria the baby treatment afterwards while taking some pictures in the process.

Max and Victoria © Dontnod Entertainment.

Order by: InSaneWeTrust.

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17093239/

Looks like Victoria get a chance to relive the childhood.

Locked in the Baby Chair (Sketch)

Locked in the Baby Chair (Sketch)Lucario asked me if I could lock him in the chair for a while, since he really wanted to know what it was like. I gave him his wish; I tied his legs to the chair legs and closed the cuffs around his wrists. Only after that did I tell him I had no idea where the key was. And since he was going to be locked up for quite a long time, I figured I’d have a little fun with him. ^^

I’ll look for the key… in a few days…

Draw by: Poke-anima

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16129618/

Poor Lucario that is being force to smell Buizel messy and stinky diapers.

I think that Buizel have hide the key inside his stinky messy diaper and thats way he dont can find it now.

What Happens When A Grown Man Gets in a High Chair

This is Darren. Darren is an adult male from Manchester.

Earlier this week, Darren went to a restaurant with some friends. After a few beers, he thought it would be funny to sit in a baby’s high chair. Unfortunately for Darren, he couldn’t get out.

His friends tried to lift him from above. It didn’t work. His friends tried to drag him on his stomach. It didn’t work. In one particularly ill-advised moment, Darren took off his pants. That didn’t work, either.

Source for the text can you find here.

wounder how long he was stuck in that baby’s high chair?

Baby Pikachu with a baby bottle

Baby Pikachu with a baby bottleThe best thing that Pikachu know about is when it comes to the bottle time. The best place he know to spend the time when he drink the bottle is in his high chair. That is the right place for him to be where his only can focus on the nice and yummy things that are inside the baby bottle.

The tummy always fells nice and warm when i start to drink the bottle. That is so nice and cozy and make me weary happy baby.

Draw by: veemonsito

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