I think it’s bath time – barkyaanarki

Yes it sure seems like it is time to change that soggy diaper. It sure seems to be pretty soggy and it is kind of amazing that the diaper don’t have started to leak yet.

But at least he have some cozy time wearing that super soggy diaper between his legs.

So full – barkyaanarki

Yes i bet we all agree that this diaper has been pretty busy keeping your bed all dry and cozy. You sure have been a good boy and using your diaper instead of that scary potty.

Cursed Diapers for Mystic

Cursed Diapers for MysticMysticOtter falling under the mind bending powers of THE CURSED DIAPER! *lightning and thunder* you should be more careful before putting on strange diapers you found laying around little otter!

The mind control otter belongs to MysticOtter

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29547787/

Poor Otter it seems like you should not wear every diaper that you see. Looks like that curse diaper have take over you mind now and controlling you now.

But what is going to happen when this diaper have ended up to be well used and need to be changed? Is the curse going to be lifted then?

Sagging soggy diaper – puppy_reese

Yes i think we all can agree that this Tykables Overnight diaper sure have done it job perfect here to handle all your accident during your sleep. Good thing you was such a good boy and put it on before you was visiting the dream land :)

o: [Messy diaper]

o: [Messy diaper]

It happened so suddenly! I dunno how much longer I can hold on… At least I’ll have a soft landing!…. Or if I keep pooping it’ll hit the ground anyway :P

Art by pisskynk on Twitter!

The cat and above text by BabySam

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29523076/

Looks like someone sure have ended up whit a messy heavy diaper here.

Babyfur Comic: Should’ve Read the Label Part 4

Babyfur Comic: Should've Read the Label Part 4
A trembling weakness spreads through their legs as their diapers reach capacity. Thrown off by the weight of his sagging load, Starbuck is first to lose his balance.
Needless to say, Volly will be joining him shortly, and they won’t be standing up again for quite some time…

Volly belongs to Diaper-and-Dragons

Starbuck and text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28557089/

awww looks like the shrinking process have starting for this two and that heavy diaper sure most be heavy for this two dragon cub to be wearing now.

I bet one of this dragon soon is going to start crying :( It sure most be very emotionally for this two.