Sleepy Foxy

Sleepy FoxyFloppy sleepu foxy on a red panda plush named ‘Steve’

The cute sleeping fox metersprower

Draw and text by DozySlumbers


Awww looks like this little fox decided to bring his big red panda plush to the dreamland :)

They look so cute and happy together :)

We sure dont wont to wake him up when it is time to take him and his red panda plush to his nice and cozy crib :)

Hope he have some sweet dreams :)

Lil kyu paws up

Lil kyu paws upDraw and everything by emeritus_terciel


It sure looks like this fox have a relaxing cozy time lying down on this pillow :)

He sure is wearing a thick diaper so he have nothing bad to worry about that the diaper dont can handle :)

Fingindo não se preocupa

Fingindo não se preocupaDraw by Yure16


Yes this two cat seems to have some fun time when they are playing in the tree. And when they are hanging there you could see that the female cats diaper starting to get pretty well used. Look how soggy it is loaded close to it breaking points.

Eevee and Pikachu Jumping

Eevee and Pikachu JumpingDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco


It sure looks like Eevee and Pikachu is having some great and fun time jumping on this trampoline together :)