An embarassing routine

An embarassing routineYups, i think i’m getting used to all of this.. and not in a good way..

Even if i can use the bathroom like all other kids from my age, since that day i’ve got reduced to a diaper kid… Ugh…Better i start from beggining…

I was late for school, and i would stay in detention if i arrived there past time again… So i found a shortcut… All i had to do was cross the backyard of a daycare. It seems an easy task right? Well, think twice before do it…

As i was almost reaching the other fence, the bell from this place rang, and some workers ordered all kids to get inside the building… And including me, not even being signed there…

Well, they took the kids inside, then bathtime… Even if i can shower myself, a worker from there insisted to help me. And then, they took me to a bedroom… And the worse thing happened there… They laid me on the bed, sprinkled some baby powder and diapered me. It didn’t matter how much i squirmed or tryied to run away… They hold me there and managed to diaper me…

They told me that if i took it off, they would call my father… And… i regret for they not calling him that afternoon… But they told me to take a nap… At least i would get some time to plan my escape.

It was just for 2 hours… but soon the other kids woke up… Right now i could try escape, as the kids would keep the workers busy there… right?

Wrong… a worker kept an eye on me, checking if i needed a new diaper (at each 15 minutes!) and led me to the cafeteria… Well, at least the food was normal… carrot sticks, rice and beans…. Judging by the diaper i thought they would give me babyfood or just milk.

Then, we were back at the playroom… There were a few workers there, and i could just escape but in time i noticed i was still only wearing that diaper… I had to get back my backpack and clothes…

We stood there for another hour… and, i need to go to the bathroom… Ugh… i tryied to call a worker, but they jsut smiled to me and patted my.. uh… the diaper i’m wearing… I tryied to hold it… But… i had to wet it..

I got a change a few minutes later… but still no signs of my backpack and pants… But they also dressed me in a shirt and a harness on me, and led me to a door… On the other side of it, my dad was waiting for me…

“There we go, here’s your lil boy”.

My dad was chuckling a lot, but still had that serious look into his eyes… They must had called him, and noticed that i trepassed the backyard… At least i was free from there, but dad had to tell “don’t worry, gussy. you’ll be back tomorrow.”

Ugh… it’s the 3rd week i’m here… and the same routine happens every day. They let me in just diapers – part of dad..uh…daddy’s punishment – , and i have to stay there and follow the schedules, until dad pick me up…

At home, i get up with the school’s homework..And if i’m really good and obey daddy… he let me wear pants at home… otherwise, i’ll stay in just diaper and shirt… I kinda miss my underoos…

Well, there i go again, into that damn daycare… i’m already expecting the embarassing diaper checks and changes… and it’s not a good thing for an 8yo boy =3

Skunk and text by gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by


Poor skunk looks like it is back to wearing and using diapers again. Wounder when they are going to allow him to wear big boys underwear again?

From the sound of the story i think its going to take some time before they let him do that. Maybe he even going to be forced to retake his potty training before they decide to put him in big boys underwear.

He sure have a cute diaper butt :)

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The big kid..

The big kid..It’s the next day after the last events.Gus got downgraded back to diapers. It’s midday, and Gus just got his third diaper taped. He couldn’t keep it dry during his bedtime, and while he was playing some videogames, another accident happened. It was a small one, but his daddy changed him, afraid he could get some rash.

Right after the lunch, someone knocked on the door, and while his dad went to check who was, Gus rushed to his bedroom. He didn’t wanted to stand in front of someone wearing his new kind of undies.

In his bedroom, Gus could hear a bit of a chat with his dad and someone, but he recognized a tiny voice, and also could hear some running towards his bedroom.

Gus quickly jumped on his bed, and ccovered his waist and legs with his blanket, as he watched his neighbor walk inside his room.

“Hey Gus!” Said the 4yo fox Kyle

“Hey, Kyle. how’s you doing?

“Ooh, super duper great^^Oh. your daddy is calling us.”

Gus wasn’t happy knowing he had to get up and reveal his undies. Well, he didn’t even knew if Kyle knew about his potty training failure, as he tryied again when Kyle started his first attempt.

Kyle, being the full of energy lil boy, rushed back to the living room, as Gus rushed to his wardrobe, picking some shorts, and trying to cover his diaper with them.

It didn’t worked…Well, it covered the diaper, but it was almost impossible not notice the bulkyness under it. It was clearly that it wasn’t a pullup there.. well, maybe if there’s 3 at once…well, he could try use this excuse if Kyle asks..

Finally, the skunk went to the living room. He looked at his dad.” Hey champion… here,there’s something Kyle’s dad wants to give you.”

The big fox gave the skunk something that looked like a calendar, but giving a better look, it was a potty chart… but again, something seems different…

This one didn’t had stickers, and in the upper part, instead his dinosaurs, there’s a baby bottle and a rattle… Gosh, just a few items and he knew what was that about…

It wasn’t the best gift, tho it was better than his new underwear. He didn’t wanted to tell anything, but his dad insisted: “how do we talk, lil one?” He said, forcing the skunk to say a shy “thanks”.

“You’re welcome, Gussy. we know that potty training is really hard… you’ll make it better next time. ONce you’re ready, Kyle can help you through it.”

Gus mind was trying to process all the happenings: He got back into diapers, received a babysh potty chart, and was told that the little fox that’s half his age can help him through potty training.

“Oh, come on Kyle, let me check your pullups.” Said the big fox.

Gus would normally blush and tell if he needed a change, but Kyle didn’t seems to mind about it. He just took off his shorts, showing the pullup under it. The exact model Gus used to wear, tho in a smaller size. And they’re clean.

“That’s my good boy. Keep like that and you’ll get rela big kid undies by saturday.”

Gus was about to get back to his bedroom, but his dad stopped him.

“What about you,Gus? Do you need a change?”

Gus froze, and before he could answer, his dad pulled his shorts down, and poked his diaper front.”Yups. i’ll get the supplies.. Shorts off,and wait there.”

Gus took off his shorts, as his dad left the room to get a new diaper and the changing supplies. The curious Kyle went near the skunk, and looked at his diaper.

“Ooh, these are like the ones i wore when i was a baby”

Ya knows that Gus isn’t happy hearing it, as he tryies tocover his diapers with his shirt.

Story, characters and colors by gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by abecapy


Poor Gus you potty training can be a hard thing special for boys. I hope he learn to master that skill soon so he dont need to be embarrassed so match more that he still needs to wear diapers.

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Grumpy Skunky!

Grumpy Skunky!Well, Gus clearly isn’t happy with something… Maybe it’s cause he has been told that he’s not grown up enough for potty training. He tryied to argue,saying that there’s smaller kids already in undies, but this just give him a pacifier on his mouth, and the stern look that means “spit it and you’ll earn a visit of mr paddle!”.

If he couldn’t spit it, well, he could make a tantrum… maybe this will show them that he’s grown up enough to start the potty training,and don’t stay in soggy diapers, like this one.

Skunk and text by gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Charry


Aww poor little Gus. Maybe your parents like to threat you to match like a baby so they dont wont to lose that bay potty training you. Then they could not spend so match special and cozy time whit you any more when you are a big boy.

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Lil Stinker

Lil StinkerSkunk: gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Erin-Cloverfox


Poor little skunk it seems like he is going to be wearing a diaper for sometime now and he dont seems to happy about that he have had some accident in his diaper.

But the diaper that he is wearing is making him look so cute. I wont to give him allot of hugs.

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Stuntman Career Over

Stuntman Career OverOne hot Summer’s morning the Smith family the Smith household was up and at ’em. The boys (Caiden and Kyle) were both home because it was Summer Vacation from school and they were driving Cheryl up a wall. Finally, Cheryl shooed her little ones to go play outside while it was still somewhat nice out. Kyle went outside and went to go kick his soccer ball around while Caiden followed after a quick diaper change. Cheryl let Caiden play outside in his diaper and t shirt because of the heat that day. Caiden noticed that Kyle seemed quite content playing by himself so Caiden went and grabbed his tricycle. Caiden put on his helmate and got on his tricycle and started riding around the driveway. Caiden thought he was hot stuff because he started to ride his tricycle in the dirt patch next to the driveway and hopping over the little bumps. After a few runs through the dirt, the inevitable happened. To reasons unknown to this day, Caiden managed to wipe out on his tricycle and skinned his knee. Initially it was a shock and he felt fine…that is until he saw his knee. ‘oh no!’ he thought. How will he ever ride his tricycle again?!…No, better yet, how will he walk again? His stuntman career was definitely over now. The tears started flowing and the crying shortly followed that. Cheryl, who was watching from the window saw what happened and went outside to tend to her little one. After a few minutes of cuddling, mommy kisses, and super hero band-aids, Caiden remarkably recovered and went back to playing outside. ‘Today’s going to be a long day’ thought Cheryl as she watch her two boys play outside.

Caiden by tugscarebear

Sketch by Myoti and coloring gus-the-hedgehog


Poor baby Caiden it looks like everything did dent work out they way he have plane it.

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No Goal but No Pants

No Goal but No PantsThe 8yo skunk was havin fun, playing some soccer with some friends form school. With the world cup arriving, they want to play lots of soccer, so maybe they can be in the next world cups.

Gus is the goalkeeper, and one of his friends kicked the ball toward the goal, but the ball was stopped by the skunk.

He then heard a few giggles,and when looked down, he noticed his shorts fallen on ground, and showed to everyone his underwear, his bulky,crinkly and babysh underwear.

The skunk doesn’t really need them, but his parents kept him in diapers, since they found that he was hiding a babysh package under his bed. It’s a good, but bad punishment for him.

How will the skunk’s friends treat him now, since they discovered the secret? Will Gus keep playing? Will someone change his diapers someday? These answers…you can imagine them =)

Skunk: gus-the-hedgehog

Draw but not color: erin-cloverfox


Yes this is not so fun when this sort of embarrassing situation is happen in the middle of the game. Special now when he caught the ball and every one have the eyes on him.

I think they going to pat his diaper bottom when they enters the changing room and ask if he need a diaper changes. Or maybe they going to tickling him allot so he wet his diaper? That can be something that they decide to do to.

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