Grumpy Skunky!

Grumpy Skunky!Well, Gus clearly isn’t happy with something… Maybe it’s cause he has been told that he’s not grown up enough for potty training. He tryied to argue,saying that there’s smaller kids already in undies, but this just give him a pacifier on his mouth, and the stern look that means “spit it and you’ll earn a visit of mr paddle!”.

If he couldn’t spit it, well, he could make a tantrum… maybe this will show them that he’s grown up enough to start the potty training,and don’t stay in soggy diapers, like this one.

Skunk and text by gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Charry


Aww poor little Gus. Maybe your parents like to threat you to match like a baby so they dont wont to lose that bay potty training you. Then they could not spend so match special and cozy time whit you any more when you are a big boy.

Very bad dog!

Very bad dog!He’s name is Chishio, and he can’t behave.
(and still not potty trained)

Dog Benihime_Shido

Draw and text by Skelbely


Poor dog it seems like he have ended up in a bad situation and someone have decide to bondage him up big time whit a couple of chains and a rope.

His thick diaper is sure going to be very soggy when someone decide to release him from this chains. If she/he decide to change him standing bondage like this.

Grumpy puppy

Grumpy puppyHe is grumpy because he doesn’t even need to wear a diaper and was forced to be in one now D:<

Husky and text belongs to Yuniwolfsky

Draw by CuddleHooves


Poor little grumpy husky it seems like he dont wont to wear thick and poofy diapers any more. But i bet that he still needs this diapers but dont understand it.

Playpen Blues

Playpen Blues“Bullies Get Beat” Part Eight: Playpen Blues

“Now Kyle, you’ll be set in the playpen for the rest of the day and that’s where you’ll be the rest of the week as well. They’ll only let you out if you need to go potty and for lunch time. I expect there to be NO more issues the rest of the week. Understand?” instructed Cheryl as she released Kyle to the care of the teenage helpers.

“Yes ma’am…” agreed Kyle as the councilors took him and sat him in the playpen.
Moments later Caiden happened to walk by and see his older brother wearing a diaper and sitting in the playpen with a very grumpy look on his face.

‘Now I’ve seen everything!’ thought Caiden to himself.


Kyle, Caiden and the story belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Wounder way his mother dont force him to use the diaper now when he should be a cub again? Cubs user there diapers when they need to go potty.