Letters to Santa

Letters to SantaOur clever little toddler is scribbling (because, you know, he can’t write yet on account of being a toddler) a letter to Santa explaining why he deserves the gifts that he is asking for despite being spanked on a weekly basis. This is possibly the reason he is on his lying on his stomach in this picture. Mooser is keeping him company.

Caiden and text bytugscarebear

Art by Gordo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21982845/

Awww i think that Caiden is going to get presents from Santa even if he get allot of spankings. Do you dont think this cute little wolfLetters to Santa cub deserve some nice gifts form Santa this year?

Expert Advice II

Expert Advice IIAs Bako lay on the change mat, he realised this was the first time Kory was going to diaper him. Their mother had often let Kory ‘help’ during changes, sprinkling powder or running the used padding to the bin. This was another stepping stone to Kory cementing himself above his brother, despite the age gap.

“I don’t want you getting cranky while I do this,” he said, with all the smugness a nine year old could muster, “so it’s a good thing I found this in the drawer.” Kory extended his paw, holding one of Bako’s old pacifiers.

“No way!!” Bako prickled, “I haven’t used that in years!”

Draw and evertyhing by Gordo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21520817/

Poor Bako it seems like it is going to be back to Pacifier sucking special when the brother is handling the diaper change.

This look kind of cute and i bet it is kind of embarrassing for him to have his lither brother handling the diaper change.

Pouting in Pink

Pouting in Pink“I think they’ve sent the wrong ones,” Steven sighed, as the bright pink plastic bags stared glaringly back at him from within the cardboard walls.
His boyfriend just chuckled, “I’m sorry, didn’t I mention? The boy’s style is out of stock in your size. I got these instead.”
Steven turned to face him, his boyfriend’s bemused face irking him even more. The diapers were the ‘Little Princesses’ style, lovingly adorned with hearts, flowers and stars along various shades of pink lining. “I’m not wearing these, they’re for girls! You’re gonna have to send them back.”
“Our bet was that you’d be in diapers 24/7, starting when they arrived. Now, the diapers are here, and if you don’t start wearing them, you forfeit. Is that what you want?”

Draw and everything belongs to Gordo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20923839/

Aww poor boy it seems like he is going to be force to wear this girl styled diaper for some time now if he dont decide to forfeit. Wounder what is going to happen if he decide to do that?

No privacy

No privacyYou’re 8 years old and can’t quite hold it as long as you need to. Doctors say you’ll grow out of it. That’s cool but in the meantime dad makes sure you’re well protected from embarrassment…most of the time. Got a little too wet at the park and there wasn’t any private places to change because the nearest restroom was only a port-a-john. Dad makes an executive decision and it’s change time on the park bench. Oh god! Hope none of your friends come by.

Otter and text by Island

Draw by Gordo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20761497/

Public diaper change can be kind of embarrassing special when you are 8 years old and still need to wear diapers. At lest you don have a messy diaper. That should be even more blushing and required more time during this blushing diaper change at the park.


SquishyOrder by Gordo

Draw by dirtypawspup

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20710579/

It sure looks like we have a leaking diaperfur here.

Poor boy that is spending sometime below this diaperfurs leaking diaper.

Expert Advice

Expert AdviceBako, standing in front of his potty chair, scowled powerlessly at his younger brother. The teen fennec had been over this too many times. Every year, since he was a toddler, his parents tried to potty train him. Bako, however, was without success, and couldn’t keep his pants dry despite the repeated attempts. Despite his years, the fox had never been out of diapers.

This year his parents decided that his little brother, Kory, would try to train him. Kory, of course, was toilet trained as a cub with minimal effort, and was perfectly accustomed to seeing his older brother in diapers. Perhaps they thought their eldest’s embarrassment at having Kory in charge would spur him into holding his bladder. However, it was day 11, and the only thing that had changed was Bako’s diapers.

Bako grimaced as Kory repeated himself. He stood in front of the potty, and tugged his pull-ups down to his ankles. This was quite degrading for Bako, because unlike his parents, Kory took exceptional pride in examining his older brother’s pull-ups for wetness. The younger fennec leaned over dramatically, sniffing loudly, and running a finger along the inner fabric of the disposable underwear.

“Seems like you’ve had a teeny accident, but maybe there’s hope you can use the potty today!”

Draw and everything by Gordo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20533427/

Poor big brother it is not so match fun when your little brother have master the skills on potty training before you do. Special when you are so match older then he is.

I hope he master the potty skills soon so he dont need to be embarrass any more. But from the look of it it seems to be something very hard for him to do.