The poor goat belongs to knottykitten

Draw by ludisluteo


Aww poor goat looks like he is force to use his diaper now when his tummy say its time to go potty. Poor thing he sure release one big mess into the waiting diaper and whit this locking plastic pants its nothing he can do about it.

His face sure is pretty blushing now.

Smushy Goatbab

Smushy GoatbabBab Smooshypamps

Draw by Ludis-Luteo


Poor goat looks like the car is going to take him to the Cute kitten daycare for big babies whatever he like it or not.

It really seems like he is secure in that car seat now special when everything have been lock up by the car.

Extended Stay

Extended StayWhile trying to pick up your little brothers from daycare be sure to dress appropriately or incidents could happen.

Draw and everything by Xepher777


Aww poor adult goat it seems like he is going to be forced to stay here awhile now.

Wounder how this mess is going to end?

Life’s A Chibi: Feeling Uncomfortable

Life's A Chibi: Feeling Uncomfortable” My goat friend asked me if I have ever Fire Walked before. I have never heard of it. He told me that its a great feeling and a wonderful rush. Catching my interest, I decided to go with him and see what he was talking about. He invited me to this small pit filled with hot coals. He walked onto them and danced around on the still burning rocks. He motioned for me to join him in the pit, but I remained on the side, curling my toes in the thought of my pads touching hot rock. Even the sudden change in heat around me sent a shiver up my spine and arms. He kept on inviting me to join him and even reached out to grab my hand. As much as I would like to venture onto that pit, I didn’t really want to feel pain and have my paws blistering in the after math… “

Everyone does something they believe is fantastic and comfortable while others think of the same activity in the opposite way. What may seem fun to someone doesn’t mean it would be fun to another. Everyone has their own unique taste in venturous activities. They feel comfortable preforming them and showcasing them. If they try to bring someone over to the activity they enjoy, that person needs to feel comfortable with the idea. There is nothing wrong to saying NO to something you don’t feel comfortable with. You don’t need to say WHY or go into detail why you don’t like it, but just simply and politely recline the offer. If you continued to be pressured into the activity you feel uncomfortable with, then you can explain why you can’t and why you won’t. You know your body and your limits more than anyone else and it is up to you to decide if this is something you can mentally and/or physically take without having you feel destroyed or regret your actions.

artwork © 2016 Alex Cockburn o-kemono


Yes i agree everyone like different things but sometime it can be hard for others to understand that.

Princely Poof

Princely Poofhe needs them

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Yes you maybe think that you dont need to wear diapers any more but the state of your diaper say something else. How would you explain that? Have the diaper got this soggy and messy by it self?

Baby goat

Baby goatHe was such a big crying baby ;~;

Draw and everything by CuddleHooves


awww poor little baby goat. It is nothing to blush about that you still needs to wear some poofy and thick diapers its make you look so cute and we both know that you still need them.