The Gilded Cage By Colin Milton

Peter’s secret desire to be dominated and treated like a baby had been a secret from Amanda, his wife, for many years until the day she, as his business partner, queried his business expenditure. Peter’s world collapsed that day from being a successful, well travelled businessman to that of a child, imprisoned in his own home – a victim of his desires.
Amanda decides that rather than be stuck at home with a baby – albeit an adult one – she could do with some help to humiliate, belittle and degrade her husband even more. Pretending to be a baby and being made to live as a baby are two very different things. A Gilded Cage can also be a baby’s crib!

This The Gilded Cage By Colin MiltonThe Gilded Cage By Colin Milton sounds like a special book i thinking about to order it it sounds like a weary interesting book when you have read the description above.