KidnappedCharacters belongs to Tommy13

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like this two girls have end up in kind of bad situation. Wounder what have happen to them? Have them been kidnapped?

But one thing for sure as long they stay in this place i think they are going to be forced to wear and use there diapers.

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
During a full moon on the night of Halloween, a naughty sheep magically transforms into a terrifying werewolf so that he can scare other animals on the farm and steal their sweeties. Be very cautious unless you want to get spooked. The last thing you hear might be a howl…or a tiny bleat.

Chip and text by Gage

Draw by MarciMcAdam


What a cute and scary little sheep.Looks like he is all ready for some Halloween party this night.

Gage (Clean,Wet and Messy Version)

Gage - CleanCub: gage

Draw by Sir-Dancalot


Looks like someone have a nice and cozy drawing time.

Gage - Wet version Cub: gage

Draw by Sir-Dancalot

Looks like someone is very busy drawing to notes or care about that very wet diaper. Way should he bay the way care about that? Diapers is made to be use and he is you st a baby that dont can control his bladder yet.

Gage - Messy version Cub: gage

Draw by Sir-Dancalot

Looks like someone have end up whit a cute messy diaper butt :) Good that the diaper seems to handle that big load but the diaper look super thick so i bet it is kind of easy for the diaper to handle this cubs accidents.

Plushy Pal!

Plushy Pal!Daimhín snuggling his woolly, sheepy friend! Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without plush toys and cute animals like deer and sheep.

Daimhín and text by Gage

Draw by littaly


aww this is so cute and it is super nice that this little baby boy have a nice sheep friend that he seems to love allot.