Fuzzy baby – ohnokttn

Awww looks like someone dont wont to wear here clean diaper here :( She sure seems to have one special look on here face.

Mama Kangaskhan and Her Cub

Mama Kangaskhan and Her Cub

Done for dustyfoxy and APSOL by the awesome catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28327544/

Aww looks like someone have been force regress back to being a cute little cub again. And he sure needs to have a diaper change when the body is finish releasing it content into the waiting diaper.

Its a thick diaper so we should not be worry about having any diaper leaks yet. But he sure seems to be kind of fuzzy about his new situation that i dont think his new mommy is going to like.

Fuzzing big boy ;) – xephy_buns

Fuzzing big boyGeez a guy gets regressed for a day and everyone forgets im a big boy.

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