Two nice friends

Two nice friends Time for the party for  abdl86 and  ronaldmccoon i hope that my friend dont notes that special thing that i have put in his baby bottle. I have some laxative in it so he is going to make the diaper weary messy after a couple of hours.

Draw by:  tavimunk

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A little “accident” in the pool gift art

A little "accident" in the pool gift artWas a hot day, Sammy and Remi decided to go for a dip in the public pool .

There, they enjoyed a great time … until happened an embarrassing moment!

Sammy:”Hey Remi! I think you forgot something very important,something you left here in the pool!Look what I have in my hand!”


ElsieCheeks Cow:”What a cute little butt!”

Foxy:”You can have one of my swimdiapers,if you want? ”

Poor Remi! By the same shock and embarrassment, he peed on himself

Guests characters invited: Foxy
: ElsieCheeks
Artwork by my cousin with colors by me/some editing by my friend Victor. nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

It was nice of Foxy to share his swim diaper whit Remi. It is a good thing to share even a diaper is good thing.

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