Nursery page 1-3

Nursery Nursery page 1

1. I remember this place. Think may mom have left me here when i was a baby.
2. I think i should check this place out and see how it is. Look like no one is here any more.
3. what? i dont remember this machine. I think i should turn it on and see what is happen.

Nursery page 21. What diapers, I dont wear diapers any more. What is this machine talking about?
2. What? no i dont wont to be naked at this place. I wont to wear my cloths.
3. Spanking? I have not tacking of my diaper, What is this machine thinking i am not 3 years old. This spanking relay hurts allot.

Nursery page 31. A diaper? i dont wont ot be back in diapers again. And how can the have diapers that fit me?
2. what is this? locking devise on my diaper? How should i have the chance to take it of now?
3. Looks like this crib is going to be my prison. But how is a going to be able to get back home now?

This is the last page that i have for now. But what to you think is going to happen to me now?

Draw by:   astolpho

Nice dreams (Meassy and wet)

 Nice dreams (Meassy and wet)It is nice to have a deep sleep when you have a diaper on. You dont need to wake up to go potty you can do that in you diaper lick a good cubs should do. do you not agree on that?

Draw by   operationfluff

Drawing that is going to be on my mug Part 2

Foxy mugFinely one step closer to get my mug. The mug should be sending to me around Tuesday the next week. should be nice to have something like this in my babyfur collection :)

This drawing and the person that is going to send the mug is: pacopanda

It is going to be nice to see the pitcher when it is time for the mug to be send to me :)