ROCK PUPS! Anga-Thrakos and RikoTravis rocking on some good vibes!

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


Looks like this two having some fun time whit the guitars :)

Wounder how it feels to be playing a guitars and sucking on a pacifier at the same time? Wounder if they are playing in front of a crowd?

At least they are having a fun and amazing time.

Zootopia:The photo session! 2

Zootopia:The photo session! 2

Nick wanted to join the Junior Ranger Scouts,that is his all-time dream!

And when he learned that he was going to wear a Junor ranger Scouts uniform, that day was the best of his life … until his mother said that she would take him to a photo session!
It’s something that Nick doesn’t liked at all!

“But mom! I don’t like to be photographed!”
It seems to say Nick!

Sorry little Nick…as an old saying states, “Where a captain rules, a sailor has no sway”!

And little Nick just settled down putting a little face of pout!

Draw and everything by fredvegerano


Poor Nick he sure dont seems to have a fun time now :(

Oh honey – fennecmedic

Aww looks like someone manage to get here cute little baby boy back :)

It sure going to take some time for him to get use to being a cute little baby again.

Strapped down for a change

Strapped down for a changeChar.. what did you do to end up having to be strapped down to get a change? Just because you are big now, doesn’t mean you can do as you wish…

Char and above text by The_Char_Char

Draw by Wen


Awww poor Char it seems like he not getting anywhere strapped down like this :(

I hope he can get some sort of comfort from that pacifier :)

Storms Are Scary

Storms Are Scary*Clings to jake and hides under a blanket*
Storms are scary and demand blankets, plushes, and snuggles to stay safe.

The scared for and above text by nightfox320

Draw by yuppup


A poor fox it sure seems like he has a very scary time right now :(

Good thing that he have his teddy to cuddling whit and good that he is wearing a diaper to. I bet someone soon is going to put it to some use :(

But that is what a diaper is made for. Maybe he should go and find his mother or father for some comfort?

Patient pup

Patient pup

Seems like someone is waiting on someone or something?
The text and the cute fox belongs to CodyOmega
Draw by Fen.
Yes i agree it sure seems like he is waiting on something :)
But this sure is one very cute pose that we have here and he sure is one cute little baby fox :)
It sure would be something to give this cute fox a nice hug and a pat on his thick diaper butt :) Do you not agree on that?