Almost out of night diapers – Save Express

Yesterday i found out that i am almost out of my night diapers that i use. So today i made an order on Save Express for Forma Care X-plus that i like to use as a night diapers. And i decide that is was time to try the Delicare Slip that i have blog about before. It going to be nice to see what type of diaper that is. It was good that i made the order today so i going to have the package from Save Express on Wednesday. I only have one open package left of my night diaper. so i hope that is not going to be any delay on my order. But i think the company is going to ship out my order on Monday whit UPS so it should be nothing to worry about.

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Order from SaveExpress 2011-12-12

This time i order this thing from SaveExpress:

QuantityProduct no.DescriptionTotal
1403500AO Vorlage Maxi 15x60cm  Vorlage 28er Pkg.
6,26 €

115001ID-Protea Rechteckeinlage / Vorlage 15x60cm  ohne Folie 28er Pkg.
6,55 €

17553162lilpad Rechteckige Vorlagen o. Folie ca.16x60cm 30er Pkg.
6,39 €

39563-01Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau, 18er Pack. (IT)
29,85 €

The Have alot of nice things on save :) I always bay may diaper from this Online store.

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New order from SaveExpress 2

I have today get this things from SaveExpress:

QuantityProduct no.DescriptionTotal
122187833Sanosan Pflegepuder 100g
1,11 EUR

1403500AO Vorlage Maxi 15x60cm Vorlage 28er Pkg.
6,26 EUR

23427590Seni -V- Vlies Formvorlage Maxi ,ohne Folie 30er Pkg.
15,94 EUR

39563-01Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau, 18er Pack. (IT)
32,22 EUR

2014163Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,14er,Packung
22,22 EUR

It is always nice to get new diapers from this store. And the have some good price on the diaper a shop to and lots of different types of adult diapers to. It has now so you can manage for a while with diapers also for them that I use at night.

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New orders is place on Save Express

I have place a new order on Save Express yesterday and is expected to get it tomorrow.

I ordered the following things:

Pos. Designation Article no. Quantity Price Total Vat Rem.

1 Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,14er,Packung 014163 2 Pkg. 14er 11,11 22,22
2 Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau, 18er Pack. (IT) 9563-01 2 Pkg. 18er 11,31
(5%) -0,57
3 Seni -V- Vlies Vorlage Maxi ,ohne Folie , Stueck 1840001-1 4 St. 0,34 1,36
4 Beesana Saugvorlagen ca. 16x58cm 20er Pkg. 2119 1 Pack. 4,44 4,44
5 formacare Rechteckeinlage 12x35cm , 30er Packung 22-851 1 Pack. 2,87
(5%) -0,14

Number of articles:10       Number of items: 5       Weight: 128 Einheiten
Value of goods52,23 EUR
Shipping costs:34,46 EUR
Verpackung: 0,44 EUR
Order amount:87,13 EUR
Net value (without VAT):73,22 EUR
VAT 19 %:13,91 EUR
Total amount:87,13 EUR

Should be very nice to try this new thing when it arrivals.

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What kind of diapers do I have?

When i looked, what i had in my diaper stock i found this:

Abri form x-plus: 4,5 Packages
Abri let maxi: 5 Packages
Forma care x-plus: 4 Packages
Cuddlz: 2 Packages
Tena slip maxi: 9,5 Packages
Tena slip ultima: 1 Packages
Other diapers: 20 st

As you can see I have quite a lot of diaper types and volumes of some. This sheds well for the new diaper years.

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