Received a new order from Save Express 04/06/2014

As you maybe already know it seems that i have grown out (or what we should call it) medium size diapers. So i have start to order and try out the Large size now and that seems to fit more good and even works great when it comes to handle leaks from the top of the diaper if you sleep on your tummy. And as you maybe also know i order the most of my diaper from Save Express and i did that this time to.

This is how the order look like inside the package from the company:


Like you see it is kind of nice view.

This was the Adult diapers I ordered:

  • pieces of ID Expert Slip Super
  • 1 package of Forma-care X-PLUS Slip
  • 2 pieces of Vlesi-Slip AERO Plus
  • 2 pieces of Vlesi-Slip compact plus Nacht Medium and Large
  • 1 package of Abri-Let Maxi

It is always nice to renew your supply whit some more diapers.