Sealed and Regressed

Sealed and RegressedThe furry belongs to j8bit-forager

Draw by BunnyKisses


Aww it looks like j8bit-forager diaper have starting to run some special protocol now. This sure seems to be an advance diaper he is wearing.

Babyfur Comic: Rogey and Picaduck’s Playground Humiliation, Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Rogey and Picaduck's Playground Humiliation, Page 2

The kids tease the two characters for wearing diapers, but not in a mean way, and make them suck on pacifiers.

The comic is order by Rogeykun

Draw and above text by warpwarp1929


Yes kids can sure be so mean at each other and this sure show it :(

It sure seems like it have been a pretty rough day for this two :( At least they have each other. That sure should be something :)

Mama Kangaskhan and Her Cub

Mama Kangaskhan and Her Cub

Done for dustyfoxy and APSOL by the awesome catmonkshiro


Aww looks like someone have been force regress back to being a cute little cub again. And he sure needs to have a diaper change when the body is finish releasing it content into the waiting diaper.

Its a thick diaper so we should not be worry about having any diaper leaks yet. But he sure seems to be kind of fuzzy about his new situation that i dont think his new mommy is going to like.

Haunted House

Haunted HouseFurrys ??

Draw by Myoti


Wow this sure seems to be one special haunted house this two furrys have ended up in. And i think that this ghost sure dont going let this two furry getting away for a long time now when they have them in there care.

They sure is going to be force to get use to this baby treatment and to wear diapers again.

Dustin and Kendo AR taunting

Dustin and Kendo AR tauntingfirst the AR happens… then the teasing commences. What can you do but squirm and protest?

Answer: not much

Order by Dustin6

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Looks like someone get a chance to relive there babyhood :) I bet this was not something that he expected should happen on a date.

I really love age regressions drawing they are so cute :)

Learning to walk

Learning to walksoo im not good at writing story’s or anything but I suppose in a way I’d imagine daddy being proud of his little sissy learning to walk in those overly thick diapers and being soo proud he wants to show his little girl off to everyone or a select few who are around at night since I would be more comfortable like this at night than in a day time scenario like no chance would I do this in the day I would rather accept any punishment besides this… knowing my luck this would be the punishment anyway XD hehe

Draw and everything by Charry


Aww poor boy it seems like he is going to experience some very blushing things this night.