Trists and the Nursery Machine Malfunction

Trists and the Nursery Machine Malfunction
Whoops, Looks like a certain Unicorn Boy got himself into some trouble

Draw and everything by AD-SD-ChibiGirl


Yes it sure seems like this Unicorn Boy have ended up in some special kind of trouble. The machine force him back to wearing diapers again :)

Mechanical Mishaps

Mechanical MishapsSapphire and her fur friend Corinn were working on a new changing table that worked with adults and adult cubs that were still un-housetrained when the changing table went a bit glitchy and grabbed them slowly diapering them and applying restraints since the two “adult cubs” wouldn’t comply for their changie times, at least they now know the changing table works unfortantly upon them now being in diapers that only the changing machine can change, Looks like there are gonna be two super squishbutts by the end of this.

Art by: subdivisions
Sapphire and text: bestsage
Corinn: paradoxdragon


Yes it sure seems like this diaper changing machine have a mind of its own now. Looks like this two furry is going to be felling of it is to be wearing and use diapers again :)

Big girl potty privileges: DENIED!

Big girl potty privileges: DENIED!Silly lamb, babies don’t get to use the big girl potty! But a nice warm enema will help you go potty in your pampers just fine.

Sheep babydrake

Draw and text by Wen


Poor girl seems like she have been forced to go back to wearing diapers again and this enema sure force here to make a big mess in here ABU Leavender diaper. She sure have a very messy diaper butt right now.

Magical mascot attire

Magical mascot attiredoodle from twitter

Draw by Ludis-Luteo


Poor little cat it seems like he have been forced to go back to wear diapers again.

Gardevoir’s Daycare

Gardevoir's DaycareRosa and Hilda have been kidnapped and babied by a motherly Gardevoir, all their attempts to resist have not been very effective.

Order by SeiryuYamato

Draw and text by RobbieFTT


Poor girl it really seems like she is in a big of a trouble now when Gardevoir have the power over here. Looks like she is going to be trap in this Gardevoir care for a very long time.

At least someone is happy over the situation.

Calendar says

Calendar says…you’re wearing a standard teen diaper tonight. No questions or fussing unless you want another meeting with the paddle.

Artwork © ToyBadgers

Characters and text by Island


Poor little thing it seems like this teenage boy have some problem when it comes to keeping the bed dry so he is now force to go back to wearing diapers again when he sleep. Hope he avoid getting another meeting whit the paddle.