Tricked into Diapers Chapters 5 and 6

This story is written by tammie2


Through his sleep, Tom felt his shoulders being shaken and in response he reluctantly opened his eyes. He was startled to see Nancy standing over him, looking as angry as he had ever seen her. A split second later, he knew why. He didn’t need to look to know what had happened. He could feel the damp sheets beneath him and the room smelled like a bus station bathroom. He stayed silent, uncharacteristically unsure of what to say.
Nancy broke the silence. “You’re fortunate that Lisa’s room is down the hall. The smell woke me up but must not have drifted that far yet. You now have some decisions to make.”
Tom listened intently. To his dismay, he saw Nancy’s camera on a dresser by the door. She had already taken more pictures! Because he was wearing different pajamas, anyone looking at the two sets of pictures would know that they were taken on different days, and know that he had wet the bed not once, but twice.
“It’s obvious that you have a serious problem controlling your bladder. I refuse to wake up to the smell of pee every morning, and to have every set of sheets I own ruined. I can’t solve your wetting problem overnight, but I can take precautions. From now on, you will wear diapers and plastic pants to bed. If you can stay dry for one week straight, we’ll take them off. If you wet again, though, it’s straight back into diapers.”
“Forget it,” Tom replied angrily. “I’m too old for diapers and nothing you say can make me wear them. I’ve got my self-respect and an image to protect. No way, no how.”
“You’re not in much of a bargaining position, young man,” Nancy replied. “If you refuse, I’ll show all those pictures to Lisa to show her your problem in living color. They’re pretty incriminating. Also, I’ll make sure all of your friends at home see copies. How would you like that?”
Tom cringed, horrified. She would do it, too. His macho image with Lisa would crumble—she’d laugh him out of the house. Still, he might prefer that to wearing diapers. But his friends at home? He’d rather die.
“I’ll make one concession, for now,” Nancy continued. “I won’t tell Lisa. It will be our little secret.”
It wasn’t much , but Tom had no other options. “All right, you win. I’ll wear diapers to bed.”
Nancy smiled. She had him now. Tomorrow would be the clincher. If things went according to plan, Tom would remember it for the rest of his life.


It was getting late, and Tom was beginning to get nervous. On the one hand, he knew Nancy was a serious woman who meant what she said. On the other hand, he couldn’t believe she would put him into diapers. At 5’10”, he wouldn’t fit in them anyway! She hadn’t said a word all day, even when they were alone together. Still, Tom was careful to avoid antagonizing her. Lisa was puzzled when Tom resisted her advances earlier that evening. She was a little put off and went to study with her friends.
“OK, young man, it’s time,” Nancy said as she entered the living room. I’m going to bed and I don’t want to have to get up later to make sure your diapers are on properly. Let’s go.”
Tom followed sheepishly. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it silently when he saw Nancy glare at him. Her intent was clear. He was not to resist or she would tell everyone that he was a bed wetter.
Tom blushed crimson when he saw the neatly-folded diaper lying on his bed. He finally decided to speak out, just to delay the inevitable.
“Look, it’s only 10:30. I usually stay up much later. I don’t want Lisa to see me like this. What if I put it on before I go to sleep?”
“Not a chance,” Nancy replied firmly. “If it’s not on just right you’ll leak and soil the sheets again. I’ve changed 10,000 diapers in my day and I know what I’m doing. Now strip to your underpants and lay down.”
Tom did as he was told. As he laid down, his eyes opened in surprise. Under his top sheet he could feel a rubber sheet hugging the bed. He blushed again, humiliated.
“Now, let’s raise your legs up and take those big boy panties off, Tommie,” Nancy cooed as she lifted his legs, pulling his underwear off with one quick motion. “I’ll just slip this nice, soft didie under your bottom. That’s good. Now a little baby powder—we don’t want a diaper rash, do we.”
Tom cringed as Nancy shook the sweet-smelling powder over his genitals, rubbing it carefully around his shaft and balls, up his crack and across his bottom. He looked away, avoiding Nancy’s eyes.
“Now, we’ll just pull the didie up over your pee-pee and close it tight. Here’s some nice pink duckie pins to keep it snug. There we go. Now, just one more thing.”
Tom looked up at her with disbelief. Nancy was holding up a very large pair of white plastic pants. Where did she get them? How much more could he take? Slowly, carefully, Nancy pulled the panties up past Tom’s knees, then lifted his bottom and pulled them all the way up. She snapped the legs and waistband and was pleased to see that the panties were snug where it counted, but ballooned out from the diaper like a young baby’s. Tom was so docile and quiet, she couldn’t resist rubbing it in.
“There, all set for the night,” Nancy said in a sing-song, babyish voice. “Your waterproof panties will stop any little wetties leaking from your didie from wetting the bed. Now don’t take them off in the morning. Mommy wants to see if her little boy has wet or stayed dry.”
Tom had no response as Nancy left the room and turned out the light. It wasn’t until she left that Tom had a horrifying thought. In all the rush to diaper him and in all his confusion, he never had a chance to go to the bathroom. His bladder was already aching a little. He decided the worst thing he could do was to tell Nancy, so he tried to think of other things. After a long while, he drifted off to sleep.

This story is written by tammie2

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Four psychological phases of diaper training – dipsandlife

Four psychological phases of diaper training

A group of psychologists recently investigated the temporal development of emotions young women experience which are being put back in diapers by theirs husbands / boyfriends as part of their diaper training. They summarized their results and insights and developed the so-called Four psychological phases of diaper training (FPPDT) model, which is shown in the following:

1. Denial / Bargaining. At first, most young women felt quite uncomfortable in their new underwear. They were very reluctant to use them for their intended purpose, instead, they asked frequently for toilet access. Some of them even tried to get rid of their diapers or asked their boyfriends / husbands to be allowed to wear panties on various occasions (in case their former underwear had not been completely removed, as it is recommended by the researchers).

2. Anger. Once they realized that their complaints and begging did not help them to get out of their diapers and getting rid of them by themselves would immediately lead to punishments (delayed or cancelled changes, spankings, enemas, suppositories, …), most young girls showed some signs of anger: some of them tried to punish their boyfriends / husbands by not speaking to them for days, others tried to take revenge by consuming large amounts of fluid in order to increase the work for their caregivers, not realizing that this actually helped significantly with their diaper training since they became more and more used to wetting them.

3. Depression. Realizing that all their anger and pouting was futile effort, a lot of young women showed signs of depression. While wearing and wetting their diapers as they were supposed to, they showed only limited interest in their environment. Instead, they spent a lot of time laying in bed completely covered by their blanket or on the couch, watching TV. Others gave the impression that they became weak-willed: they did not fight any urges concerning their diaper usage, and even when it came to diaper changes, they showed not a single sign of resistance.

4. Acceptance. In the final stage, all young women had come to terms with their new underwear. While only a small part seemed to be neutral about their diapers, the major part actually seemed to enjoy certain aspects of them. A survey at the end of the investigation revealed that only 2 out of 10 women wanted to go back to panties. The others stated that they found more comfort in their diapers as they did in their former underwear, and 3 of them had even lost a significant part of their bladder control since they became so comfortable with using them all the time.

Source for the above text:

Babyfur Comic: Pierce’s Date

Babyfur Comic: Pierce's Date

Pierce still doesn’t like diapers, thinks they’re gross/stupid/undignified, all that stuff. Buuut, there is an angle he had never thought about with them.
Or maybe he had. I’m not an expert on Freudian slips.
Either way, he’s got a safeword, so…maybe just see how the rest of the date plays out…

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro


Poor Pierce he sure have ended up in one special date here whit this Sylveon. That i sure wounder how she is going to play this?

What is going to happen when Pierce needs to go potty? Is he going to be force to use his thick diaper and maybe even Sylveon is going to force him to use it. That sure is some special question that we maybe is going to get a answer on at some point :)


Big Kid

Big Kid
Sometimes your caregiver doesn’t care how big you are. To them it just means you need bigger diapers.

Character and above text belongs to Island

Draw by Diapered-buns


Yes that sure is right big kids sure make bigger messes and thats way they need thicker diaper that can handle everything the kid trows at it :)

Poor Island he sure dont seems to be up for this sorts of moments :(

Diaperfur Comic: School Issues Comic Pt2

Diaperfur Comic: School Issues Comic Pt2

Draw and everything by chuckybb


It seems like Kela is going to experience something very special and embarrassing the coming weeks. Maybe this is what she really wont deep inside?  At lest she maybe can find some sort of comfort sucking on that pacifier.

I kind of looking forward to the next page in this comic to she was is going to happen at the kindergarten. But one thing she really need is a new clean diaper. That sure is going to be a blushing moment for here i bet.

Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 1

Babyfur Comic: Halloween Babies: Page 1Draw by Tato and Rogeykun


Aww it seems that the bully really good what he deserved. A big and long spanking and being putt back into some thick and clean diaper. Now he sure is going to be pretty embarrass to waddling around whit that thick package between his legs.

It sure looking forward to the next page of this comic to see what is going to happen whit him.