Little Princess Pamper Packer

Little Princess Pamper PackerAsriel seems to have found some interesting hypnosis tracks and can’t stop listening.

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Yes it sure looks like the hypnosis tracks that he is listening on sure make him messy his diaper big time. It look to be a very stinky diaper that he is wearing right now.

He sure need to change it when he is done listening to the hypnosis track.

Forced wetting a open diaper – Satuki_rabbit

Poor boy it looks like this girl is force him to wetting a open diaper then she decide to tape it around his wait so he could feel the wet diaper around his waist and pee pee. Look how embarrass he is about this situation.

Trevor-fox sissymouse setup

Trevor-fox sissymouse setuptalk about a full restart… He never expected the game to manifest on himself… it’s bad enough that he’s been stripped of control over his faculties and been turned into a mouse, but by did the game recognise him as a girl on top of it! despite the pink fur… he is still male… must be a glitch in the code…

Maybe there’s a way to fix this? poor mousie…

Mouse Trevor-fox

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor mouse. It looks like it is back to the beginning for this furry.

Hope he found a way out of this mess before it is to late.

Taki Big winner

Taki Big winnerTaki‘s gotta be more careful of the websites she visits while working… Malware these days can be such a pain…

this time her malware issue made her a BIG WINNER!! of an all expenses paid trip back to adult infancy.

Skunk Taki

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor Taki i bet she is wish now that she newer had visit that website. What should see do now? Soon everyone is going to be able to smell this stinky mess that she have done in here diaper.