New charge

New chargeOrder by gubaguy and draw byLudis-Luteo

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I sure dont think he is going to make it there in time before something sure going to be exploding in the back off his diaper. From the sound of his tummy and the desperate look on his face it sure going to be happen any second now. Poor thing he sure going to be standing there whit a soggy messy and pretty stinky diapers soon and no way in the power to change it before he find the key. I sure think allot of other furrys is going to notes what have happen before he find they key.

It sure going to be some very blushing and embarrassing moment ahead of this furry.

Flammiekid goblin drum 4

Flammiekid goblin drum 4Looks like Flammiekid‘s gonna be feeling little for a long while yet to come…

The poor dragon belongs to Flammiekid

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Yes it sure seems like that and whit being little comes wearing thick and poofy diaper and other furrys expect you to be using it and change you when your diaper is to wet or if you ended up whit a messy accident. It sure seems like Flammiekid have allot of things to get use to.

Adult Baby Puss

Adult Baby PussTom bound, sissified, caged and plugged, and helpless to any other ideas Butch might come up with to torment the mortified Tom cat, where’s jerry when ya need him?

Order by Nardos

Draw by jimmy_rumshot

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Poor Tom he sure have ended up in a embarrassing situation here. All bondage down and force to be wearing some thick diaper together whit a butt plug and a male chastity cage.

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehfications

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehficationsafter being gifted a special pacifier, he finds it not only popped into his muzzle, but unable to remove it, as it reassures him that it is, in fact, FOR HIM and makes a few other “alterations” to seal him into his fate…

just another helpless baby pretending to be all grown up…

Wolf: Isyonir

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Poor Isyonir it sure seems like he have ended up in allot of trouble now. How should he manage to reverse the effect from the magic pacifier now when it have him in it care. I am pretty sure it going to force him to put the thick diaper that he is wearing to some good use pretty soon.


Your New Life

Your New Life I was a very very bad kitty. So it was decided Id be a kitten again!

But my new mommy had another way of raising me in mind. No more silly and naughty boy things. Id become a proper pretty sissy girl instead!

Text and leopard belongs to Sadey_Mayfire

Draw by wen

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Poor Sadey_Mayfire looks like he is forced into allot of change in his life now when his mother have decide to start over and treat him like a girl instead.

Not ready for potty training

Not ready for potty training Order by gubaguy

Draw by MonsterBunny

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Poor thing looks like someone is not allowed to be using the potty. And instead he is force to be using the diaper instead. He dont seems to be so happy about that but what i can see his caretaker dont give him any choice here. She seems to be thinking that he is not ready for the potty yet and should be using his diaper instead when he needs to pee or poop.

And it sure seems like he have start using his diaper to :) So i think it is to late for him to be using the potty anyway.