Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 7

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 7
– To the room already! – Vitória yelled out.
Yure could barely hear, because his bladder was distracting him. He was still holding himself with all of his might, but Vitória’s tugging made him lose more urine. But, as the seconds went by, Yure managed to be in control of his body again, even though he had a damp diaper now. His bladder began to hurt.
– Time to go back to bed – said Vitória, pushing Yure to the crib.
Once in there, Yure comtemplated his situation: desperate, tied and now behind the crib bars, not to mention the ridiculous bow.
– To keep you from waking me up again – said Vitória -, let’s make sure that you won’t be hungry this night again. What about another round of milk, you naughty girl?
“No more! Please, no more!”, Yure wanted to yell, but all that came out was:
– Aaah, gwagwahhgaaaa-yaaaa!
Vitória, using brute force, made Yure drink the milk round, compensating the small leakages and filling his bladder beyond the previous amount.

Draw and everything by Yure16


Looks like this cats diaper starting to get wet now and whit this second bottle its soon going to be impossible for him to control his bladder any more its going to burst and release it content into the waiting diaper. I hope the diaper is going to be able to handle it.

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 3 – 4

o sonho do bebê, página 3– Baby wants baby bottle, isn’t it? – she asked.
Yure was almost at his limit, the last thing that he would want is more liquid in his body. He tried to refuse:
– Mgumgugagwah! – he the words didn’t come out.
– Ah? Perhaps baby doesn’t want to take the bottle peacefully? – she asked. – Then I think I’ll have to insist with you.
Suddenly, a weird sound was heard coming from behind Yure.
And before Yure could think of a reaction, belts, tied to ellastic ropes, tied him by the wrists and ankles.
– Ahmahmahmah! Agwuhguhguuuuhwaah! – he yelled, trying to fight against the belts, but without success.
Each frustrated attempt at moving shook the pee inside his painfully full bladder.

Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor Yure i think that his full bladder is going to burst any minute now it look to be very close now.

o sonho do bebê, página 4– What a fatty baby! – said Vitória. – He is so pudgy, looks like a little ball!
Yure wanted to say “stop fat-shaming me”, but, even if he could talk, the baby bottle would muffle his voice.
– He’s really very chubby – said Vitória, groping Yure’s belly. – Really a lot…
Vitória began to push her fingers against Yure’s underbelly, pushing the thumbs to feel the squishness of that belly full of milk. But she didn’t seem to notice that she was pushing her thumbs right over Yure’s pained bladder. Yure felt his pee trying to come out, puhsing against the exit, but he fought, with all that he had, to stay dry. It was when he began to sweat. “Now I really know that this is a dream”, he thought, “Cats don’t sweat”.

Draw and everything by Yure16


Any minute now his diaper front is going to change from clean, white and dry to something that’s is wet and yellow.


FoalsatLucha tries to foalsit two new fillies, Sola and Gilly, but the tables turn in their favor. Now the fillies have Lucha as the one being foalsat.

Lucha, Sola, and Gilly © nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas


Looks like the fillies dont think Lucha have enough baby powder in the back of his diaper and decide to fix it.

This is kind of cute drawing.

Taking Care of Baby!

Taking Care of Baby!Fox ace_fox84

Draw by Fen


Poor Fox it seems like he have ended up in a force feeding high chair that really force him to eat some baby food and drink from a bottle. Wounder how long he going to e force to be in this chair.


BreakfastRaccoon diezelraccoon

Wolf meiabeau


Poor little raccoon it seems like this wolf have decide to force feeding him whit cum when he is bondage in this high chair.

Force feeding


This two ponys seems to have end up in a bad situation where they seems to be force feeding and wearing a straight jacket together whit a thick diaper.

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