Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 1

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 1Wow, it’s quite comfortable!

This sleeper is so warm, comfy and cute! I bet I’m gonna sleep better from now on! But, since I’m no fool, I’ll still sleep padded!

So warm… Maybe it keeps me from having nightmares!

Mm… I have to pee, but I’m so comfortable here! I think I’m gonna wet my diaper and sleep. If I get a rash, it can be dealt tomorrow.

Oh, yeah… There, there… It feels… good!

Less talk, more action; let’s see if my theory works for real.

Draw by Yure16


It sure looks like this cat love his new footed sleeper and i think it is wisely of him to wear diapers to bed. You newer know when i accident can happen and it should be kind of bed if your cozy footed sleeper end up soaked whit pee.


PAWS!!Draw and everything by Charry


Looks like this little cub have fun playing whit his paws before he decide to sleep. At least it look like he is ready for the bed :)

Look how happy he is when he is playing around :)

The Diaper Bag!

The Diaper Bag!The cute blushing bear Digitz

Draw by marcimcadam


I dont going to have so match text to this cute badge. But if you wont to read a cute story related to this drawing you should click on the link above. I really recommend that you should read what he have written you are going to love it and relate to it.

Snug and secure

Snug and secure Oh my… It looks like Tupi and his boyfriend Rezio, got themselves in some seriously babyish and embarrassing trouble yet again! But actually, it seems like someone has “helped” them to end up like this – put in thick, puffy diapers covered by bright, warmy snowsuits and snuggly secured in baby carseats with 3-point straps squeezing their chubby tummies. Then a pair of padded, slippy mitties to make sure they don’t fiddle around the buckles too much and finally, their very favorite pacifiers fitted with special holders, so they don’t “accidentally” fall out of their muzzles. The “babies” are ready for a veeeery long trip!
It seems like they’re kind of shy, though – Rezio is squirming and kicking his legs, making crinkling noises, while his raccoon boyfriend is trying to somehow figure the buckle out – but let’s be honest, both escape plans look equally hopeless and the boys will remain helplessly snug and secure in their cute carseats for the whole trip!

Draw and everything by KaaLover


Yes this two cubs sure looks secure for there car trip and it dont seems like they can do anything about it. Wounder what sort of place they are going to be tacking to? They sure look worry about the situation they have ended up in.

To much TV

To much TVhehe, I fell asleep while watching TV late at night. while being cozy in all my baby clothes. i probably never slept so good before :p and i gues it was good that i had a diaper on aswell xD

Canid and text by Thernol

Draw by catmonkshiro


Looks like the baby was to sleepy to stay awake any more. Good thing he decide to put on his thick night diaper and his footed sleeper for the night before he start watching the tv. And now when everything is silent you can hear the wetting sound coming from inside this sleeping furrys diaper. Good thing it is thick so it can handle all the wetting accidents that he is going to have during this nice and peaceful sleep.