Padded Seating

Padded SeatingMy latest YCH auction picture; won by PePechu, who looks as if he was up to a little bit of no good by exploring the contents of the changing table.

The padded husky belongs to PePechu

Draw and above task belongs to fjf


Aww this sure is one confuse baby husky we have here. Look how match diaper that you found around your changing table. Maybe that’s is the thing that make him so confused.

But it looks like you are in need of one of the clean diapers now when mommy or daddy finds out how wet the diaper you are wearing are.


The Swiffer is Soaked

The Swiffer is SoakedThe cute soggy baby fox swiftfoxfire

Draw by fjf


Awww it looks like this cute little foxy cub is a heavy wetter during his sleep. But i am sure that someone soon is going to have him back into some clean and dry diapers again :)


BUTT!!The cute cubs in this drawing TaviMunk and fjf

Draw by TaviMunk


Poor thing looks like he dont wont to show everyone what a soggy diaper butt he is having. It seems like it is little to late for that now :( Poor fox this most be a very blushing moments for him standing there when the cam is recording and have his soggy wet butt so exposed :(

Looks like TaviMunk wont everyone to see what a soggy butt this fox is having.

Sissypaws is so embarrassed

Im so embarrassedUm no i am totally dry i swear.

Text and Feline: Sissypaw

Draw by: fjf


Awww poor Sissypaw but i am sorry your diaper is not dry it is all wet and it look weary heavy. So i bet that you need to find someone that can change the diaper before you start leaking all over the floor. You are going to be more happy when you are wearing something dry and cozy instead of the cold wet soggy diaper that you wearing now.

Or maybe that is something whit the diaper change that make you sad or scared?


Shhhhh – by fjf

Shhhhh - by fjf
Shhhhh - by fjf

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


Seams that this boy is very sleepy. Hope he has some niche dreams and wake up happy whit a soggy diaper from his nap :) Or what do you think?