Two-year-old boy was found outside crying

The two-year boy was found crying while sitting on a blanket outdoors.
He was wearing only a diaper and had lacerations and bruises on the body.
Police suspect that he has been beaten, writes Ilta-Lehtinen.

17 -year-old Mikael Sundberg found the crying boy in a recreational area in Masala in Finnish Kyrkslätt Friday.

The boy had dried blood on his face and scrapes and bruises on the body.
“Shocking sight ”

– I heard a baby crying but saw nothing. As I walked closer , I found a small child sitting on a blanket on the ground, says Mikael Sundberg Ilta- Lehtinen .

He continues:

– It was a shocking sight. I put my jacket on the child and immediately called the emergency number . They immediately sent out help. I tried to calm the child during the time but cry just continued .

Police suspect that the boy has been beaten . Mikael Sundberg saw no other humans around – and the police during the day looking for the boy’s parents.

According to Helsingin Sanomat , the police have managed to identify the boy during the evening. They have been in contact with both parents but refuses to answer questions any of them have been arrested. One of the parents should at least not be suspected of a crime.

– According to what we know so far , there are no reasons to suspect hen for assault , said police Inspector Jarmo Joki – Anttila Ilta- Sanomat .
Care manager : It is heartbreaking

The news has shocked Finland. So far, none have been able to give any explanation as to what happened to the boy.

– It is heartbreaking when a young child is forced to experience something like this , says Liisa Ståhle , care manager in Kyrkslätt , to Ilta- Sanomat .

According to Helsingin Sanomat , it was zero degrees outside when the boy was found . He was taken to hospital but had no life-threatening injuries.

The text is translated from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

How can someone do something like this?

Norway prohibits discrimination against people who enjoy BDSM and fetishes

Members of the Nordic Council
Members of the Nordic Council.

Congratulations to all Norwegian fetishists! All parties in the Norwegian parliament in summer voted stricter laws against discrimination because gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. A prohibition against discrimination because of gender identity and expression are introduced. But not only that, it also introduces a prohibition against discrimination based on to include any fetishist. Norwegian employers will be responsible to overbuild such discrimination. Vips Norway becomes the country that leads the way for the rest of the North.

For the sake of one can of course point out that the problem of discrimination have never been a person had a fetish orientation, the wording suggests, but that problem has been in someone been fetischfobisk enough to discriminate – It is thus due fetish phobia and not fetishism that discrimination occurs but nevertheless it is good news coming from Norway. When to Sweden, Denmark and Finland follow Norway’s example?

The above text is copy from David on It is s a summary of the text you can find in this Swedish blog post.

I would like to congratulate all Norwegian fetishists for this breakthrough. And now it only remains to see if the other Nordic countries take after Norwegian in this matter and i hope that is going to happen.