Red Card and a Red Butt

Red Card and a Red Butt

Cheryl was very busy cleaning the house, but Caiden decided to play with his soccer ball since it was World Cup time, and guess where? … in the living room!

Cheryl warned him: “Do not play here! Go outside!”
Caiden:”But Mama, it’s raining outside!”
Cheryl:”Well, wait until the rain ends and then you will go outside to play, but here you will not do it!”

But it seems that for Caiden his mother’s warning words came in one ear and came out in the other, and he chose to play inside the house anyways!

When suddenly a “CRASH” has been heard!

Cheryl:”Caiden!I warned you! That’s a red card…and red bottom!

Characters and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by


Awww poor Caiden this sure is one more spanking and red butt to ad to his collection. He sure have trouble to behave right.

Soccer Pichu

Soccer PichuI had the urge to draw this since the start of the World Cup even though I’m not the most avid soccer fan. I haven’t seen any pichu in soccer uniforms so here’s the first one :3

Go Sparks GO!!

Text Sparks and draw by pichu90


I hope that Sparks makes many goals in this match he seems to be very psyched to win this match and maybe the World Cup.

Go Sparks GO for the goal.