Mlio’s damp pamps

Mlio's damp pampsDraw and everything by Fenelek


Poor Mlio looks like he have ended up whit a wet diaper :(

Poor thing but it looks like a thick diaper that he is wearing so i dont think he or someone need to change it yet.

Diapered pets

Diapered petsThis cute drawing belongs to Fenelek


Aww what a cute little thing. It dont seems that he like to be wearing this thick and poofy diaper and i can understand that it seems like he now have some big problems to move around.

Onsies are hard!

Onsies are hard!Cub: cinnamin

Draw by Fenelek


Poor little cub it seems like he having a very hard time to put on this onesies over that diaper. He need a thiner diaper or a onesies that have more room in the diaper aria for thick diapers.

YCH- uh oh

YCH- uh ohSomeone had a woopsie moment!

Husky by Megamatt215

Draw and text by Fenelek


Poor husky it look like he had a little accident in his diaper. But the way this dont look like a little accident more like a big one. Good thing he decided to be diaperd and it seems like the diaper could handle everything this time.