First Kiss

First KissDraw and everything by Fen


This two sure looks so cute and happy together.

Looks like they have found there first love.

And i bet you have notes that the boy is wearing a Bambino Bellissimo diaper ;)

Poofy and Patient

Poofy and PatientThick diaper cub: ?

Draw by Fen


Poor little furry it seems like she have end up whit a thick poofy diaper butt. This diaper is going to keep everything clean and dry for a long time.

Time for a Change!

Time for a Change!These machines sure are… Handy.

Husky BestSage

Draw and text by Fen.


Yes maybe this sort of machine can be to some good use some time but i dont think that this Husky agree that she wont to use it.

But she looks kind of cute bondage to this changing table.

Taking Care of Baby!

Taking Care of Baby!Fox ace_fox84

Draw by Fen


Poor Fox it seems like he have ended up in a force feeding high chair that really force him to eat some baby food and drink from a bottle. Wounder how long he going to e force to be in this chair.

Shy Fox

Shy FoxA very bashful little emeritus_terciel showing off his feetpaws and his poofy diaper!

Fox emeritus_terciel

Draw and text by Fen


Yes this cute little Fox is blushing allot and his diaper seems to be pretty thick and poofy to :)