Diaper change and suppository – femboydl

Looks like someone is going to make a stinky diaper pretty soon when he take the help of a suppositoryDiaper change and suppository - femboydl medication and i sure think that the plastic pants is going to help him contain the smell from the messy load inside his diaper.

Big messy load – femboydl


Source: femboydl.tumblr.com

Wow this was one messy release this boy made in his Tena Slip Maxi. He really needed to go potty big time.

Diaper wetting – femboydl


Source: femboydl.tumblr.com

a nice diaper wetting video and it seems like he needed to pee really bad and the diaper seems to expend allot when it absorbing his accident.

Thats is a big diaper leak – femboydl


Source: femboydl.tumblr.com

This is one big leaking diaper that this boy have end up whit. I have newer seen a diaper that have leak that match. I hope he decide to change after this video.