Sissy maid part 3

Sissy maid part 3For fedora-wearing-fox by yourfur


Looks like the sissy maid is completing his diaper usage by messing his diaper. It sure seems to be pretty well used now. That diaper sure have expended allot now when he decided to release his bowel into the waiting diaper.

But after all this is what a diaper is made for to handle and he sure have decide it to show everyone that :)

Sissy maid Part 2

Sissy maid Part 2For fedora-wearing-fox by yourfur


Awww looks like the sissy maid finely decided to release his bladder and start using that thick diaper. It sure is one good move bay this maid and start using his diaper. It is no point in holding things back when you are wearing a thick and good diaper.

Sissy maid

Sissy maidFor fedora-wearing-fox by yourfur


It sure seems like someone is getting ready to use his diaper :) It really seems like he wont others to get a clear view when he is preparing to start using his diaper in full view.