Sammy! It’s tickling time part 2

Sammy! It's  tickling  time part 2
Sammy! It’s tickling time part 2

Part 1:

Sammy:”And now you’re the one who has no escape!Look what I have in my  paw!It’s a  feather!And I know that if I making you tickle with this feather, you wouldn’t stop  laughing!Another thing, and very important, I’ll  opened  just a  little  your stinky diaper, so that your pee comes out and dad will punish you for peeing  on  the bed!!MUAAAA,HAAAA!”


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by:


It seams that Sammy is up for some more tickling time. And i have a feeling in my tummy that say that Remi dont going to stop until we have a wet bed. I i think we are going to see some spanking in the next part of the pitcher.