Thickly Padded Night

Thickly Padded Night

Oh-oh, what do we have here? Seems like fbphox got put to bed (or a crib, to be exact) in quite a predicament! Big, puffy diaper between his legs, soft, baby-blue footies on his feet and a matching pair of VERY thickly padded, slippery mittens encasing his handpaws (which by the way are strapped to the crib, for some additional safety of course!) and a big pacifier in his foxy muzzle to suck on, through the whole, long, thickly padded night!

The cute bandage fox belongs to fbphox.

Draw and text by KaaLover.


Yes it sure seems like fbphox is going to have one special night if he is able to get some sleep. But at least they have force him to wear some thick night diaper that sure going to keep the bed dry and comfy :) That diaper sure can manage multiply rewetting incidents ;)

Someone sure going to be pretty soggy in the morning and maybe a little bit cranky for not getting any sleep.

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