My turn to do it for you

My turn to do it for youIt was 4 am when Yookey woke up, all excited! For today is fathers day, and Yookey had a plan.
Yookey scrambled off to the kitchen, and got down daddy’s favorite fruit. Banana! She removed the peel, and added some ketchup and mustard. Cause daddy loves those too.
Yookey poured a glass of orange juice, but thought she’d make it extra special. After a bit of pondering, she decided to add some chocolate sauce. Chocolate always makes everything taste better.
Yookey then made a sandwich for daddy. Sadly she can’t fry bacon, so she couldn’t make daddy a super delicious sandwich. She walked back and forth for a few minutes, trying to figure out what tastes just as good as bacon…
Chocolate! She poured chocolate sauce onto the lettuce and tomato sandwich, and added some cucumber pieces too!
Perfect fathers day breakfast!

Yookey snuck into daddy’s room and put the food on the nightstand, and then went and got her two favorite teddy bears, Kafé and Coco.
She also picked up some paper and her crayons while she was at it, as well as the book she thought daddy would like the most.
Daddy loves food. So Yookey chose the book “Dada Burr’s Epic Quest for Food”. She put the book aside and started drawing her Daddy the best fathers day picture ever.
She drew herself with Kafé, and her daddy with his cow plush Billy.
Yookey was drawing and giggling excitedly. A little too loud, so her daddy woke early.
This wasn’t bad though. Yookey had just finished the picture! She jumped at him and shouted “Happy dada’s day!” and showed him the picture!
Daddy liked the picture, and happily hugged his little girl. “This is definitely going on the refrigerator!”
“That’s not all!” Yookey told her daddy, “I made yoo breakfast!” she exclaimed and pointed to her masterpiece of a breakfast!
Daddy looked at the food, and hid his horror with a smile. “That looks…. delicious… Thank you princess!”
“Yess!! And I’m gonna read for yoo too!” Yookey was practically jumping up and down with excitement at this point.
She climbed up on the bed with her book, and sat next to Daddy. She opened the book, without realizing it was upside down, and started to tell the story..

Daddy looked at his little girl, being too enchanted by her adorableness, that he didn’t even care that you read goodnight stories before bed, not just after waking up.

Red panda , Text and draw by Yookey

Bear Kiumaru


I bet this was a awesome gift for Yookeys father to receive something like this one the Fathers Day. I bet this make him a very happy father this day to receive breakfast at bed and hear a morning story.

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