Man tricked handicapped girls to use diapers

I fond this little story in a Swedish Newspaper that i would like to share. So i have translate it to English so every one can understand it the text.

A man who calls himself “Sandra Anderson” has been through a Facebook account tricked young handicapped girls that for 750 dollars (5 000 Swedish money) a month to test diapers, reports Göteborgs-Posten. Some of them have been filmed with a webcam when urinating.

The man claiming to work for the company Tena, but he does not.

Reportedly, a 60 young handicapped girls have suffered, including a 20-year-old from Kungälv GP talked to.

The events have been reported to the police.

Soruce: //

I wounder what the man should use this videos to? I have dont find any information about that. But i am not surprise if it should be to something porno related. Wounder if it was this 20 year old girl from Kungalv that reported this to the police?

Looney Toon Babies Cloth diaper

Looney Toon Babies Cloth diaperCan you say ADORABLE!!! Looney Toon Babies adorn this super cute adult diaper. Made with out specially designed pattern made to fit most adults, this one size diaper is ideal for night time wetters or day time wetters who do not mind a VERY obvious diaper…there is NO hiding this one…it is SUPER thick!!!

Info about the diaper:

1 layer outer cotton, then one layer waterproof PUL, then TWO layers double-sided quilted terrycloth, One layer flannel, and finally One layer of super soft fleece.

I have find this pitcher and info on AbTodd BabyperSempre Facbook page.

And it is look like he is going to sell this cloth diaper and some more cute cloth diaper on the US Littles – World Littles that i have mention in a early post. But maybe if you ask him weary nice he can send it to you any way if you ask him weary nice. Who know maybe you get lucky. Or maybe you know some one that are going to this place that maybe can bought it for you.

For this look like a very cute and comfy cloth diaper.

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Save Express

Save Express thats is a place that i have bean wont to visit over a long time. Because i know from the website there i bought most of the diapers i use from and i know lots of peoples like to shop from this place to. The have lots of kind of diapers in the store so the storage need to kind of big if you thinking about all the order the gets very day. I wounder how many that can be? And how many trucks did the gets every day whit new diapers?

I cam across some amazing pitchers on there Facbook page that i wont to upload here:

Save ExpressSave ExpressSave ExpressSave ExpressSave ExpressSave ExpressSave ExpressSave Express

like you see on this pitcher that i found on there Facbook page the have lots of adult diapers in there warehouse. should be so nice to lock around in this place and pick out what type of diaper that you wont to take whit you home. And maybe have some nice conversation whit the staff in the store about what type of product that i should bought :)

Save ExpressSave Express

What we can see from the pitcher it is allot of people that are waiting to receive there diaper orders. And think may orders that i have bean mad have bean at this waiting spot to. Thats awesome thing :) Do you not agree?

Maybe i have the chance to see this store for real some time. Thats is one of may dreams and i think many peoples have that dream :)